These Vases That Look Like Crashing Ocean Waves Are Making Me Want To Stop Putting My Flowers In Old Wine Bottles — PHOTOS

I can't front: I don't have a very sophisticated vase collection, because I'm in my 20s and unless you're Blair Waldorf, I'm pretty sure no one is expecting you to have a vase collection at this point in life. I tend to hoard Topo Chico bottles and mason jars, stuffing both with yellow daisies or whatever bouquet is for sale on the cheap at the grocery store. But these truly gorgeous vases that look like waves by husband and wife design duo Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker are game-changers. Their vases mime the deep blue sea in motion so convincingly that I'm actually floored, and at least somewhat motivated to start putting my flowers into something meant for flowers to be put into it.

DeSomma and Blaker met while working on their glass craft at Pilchuck Glass School in the late '80s and got hitched in 2001. They opened a studio around the same time in Live Oak, California. The married couple sets new relationship goals (at least, they do for me; Working on creative endeavors with your boo is kinda the dream, yes?) with their collaboratively designed vases. They each have their individual strengths they apply to the glass vases. They both seem to pay excruciating attention to natural forms of marine environments, but Blaker's focus is on shades of blue while DeSomma spends more time with the detailed transparency of the clear glass. Together they create really impressive swirls of surf that appear frozen in vase form. Seriously, can you imagine how rad one of these bad boys would look bookended with my Topo Chico bottles and stuffed with grocery store daisies?


This reminds me of an aquatic peacock, if that were a thing, which in my heart, it is.

OK, this one is simply adorable. I want them all. I'd even consider ditching the mason jars for these (or at least moving them from the more public living room windowsill...).

Images: Courtesy Of Paul Shraub(4)