You Can Retweet With A Comment Now

Perhaps to avoid the "I am running for president!" Rand Paul madness that erupted Tuesday morning, Twitter quietly unveiled its life-changing "retweet with a comment" feature Monday, making sharing others' Tweets and adding your own spin to it simpler. On its own Twitter page on Tuesday, the social media company wrote: "Say more with revamped quote Tweet! Rolling out on iPhone and web, coming soon to Android."

Writing on its official website, Twitter offered a how-to guide for the new feature:

From Web:

  1. Hover over a Tweet.
  2. Click the Retweet icon.
  3. A pop-up will show you the Tweet and a comment box.
  4. Type your own comments in the Add a comment field.
  5. Click the Tweet button.
  6. The Tweet will then be shared with your followers as a quote Tweet!

From mobile apps:

  1. Tap the Retweet icon.
  2. Tap Quote Tweet.
  3. Add a comment and tap Tweet.
  4. The Tweet will then be shared with your followers as a quote Tweet!

If you use Twitter much, you'll have noticed that trying to share anybody else's Tweets and adding your own thoughts is painfully difficult — you'll have to copy and paste the original Tweet into a new Tweet, add "RT," and try to sandwich your own opinion in while keeping to the 140 character limit.

Here's what you can do now, instead.

Find a Tweet that you really, really like.

Go into that Tweet.

Hit the "Retweet" button. Lo and behold, a comment box!

Add whatever you like. In my case, joy that it's National Beer Day and I didn't even know to look forward to it.

Post that Tweet!

The end. Mm. Donuts.