LEGOs Get A Modern, Grown-Up Makeover

Chances are, you've created tons of imaginative cities, people, and entire mini worlds with LEGOs as a kid, but handbags? That's a new one! The Polish accessories brand Agabag has designed a collection of handbags and jewelry made of LEGOs. Yup, that's right. We're talking LEGO purses here people, and they look like something straight out of preschool playtime. Those tiny, rainbow-hued bricks have been inspiring pint-sized creative minds for decades, so it was only a matter of time until the fashion world geniuses took note.

Truthfully, we shouldn't be too surprised by Agabag's unusual choice of material. Those kiddies who spent their childhoods playing with LEGOs were bound to grow and forge careers of their own. It's not shocking that some of them decided they weren't done playing quite yet.

Agabag is actually not the first designer to give LEGOs a high-fashion twist, but what makes the brand's collection decidedly chic is that some of the pieces don't even look like they were pulled out of your nephew's toy chest. Their studded clutches and monochromatic pieces with gold LEGO accents look impossibly expensive considering the material and could be confidently rocked almost anywhere — not just down the aisles of Toys 'R Us!

With all of this LEGO talk, I can't help but wish for kindergarten playtime and my Barbie dress-up trunk... and wonder what other childhood favorites have graduated from the playground to the runway. If you're feeling just as nostalgic, take a trip down this fashionabe memory lane with other accessories inspired by your childhood toy chest. Unsurprisingly, most of them are from Etsy, aka the world of the repurposed Barbie doll limbs.

Jem and the Holograms Earrings

If you danced around your room singing "Like a Dream" back in the '80's, these babies belong on your ears.

Strawberry Shortcake Rockabilly Head Scarf

With this head scarf, you'll look as sweet as Strawberry Shorcake smelled.

Barbie Mermaid Handbag

This bag is like a grizzly murder scene... a very chic, grizzly murder scene.

My Little Pony Heels

Heels made out of the 1987 My Little Pony comics for your hooves, uh, feet.

Grimms Fairytales Purse

These stories might've made for some pretty f'ed up bedtime stories, but they sure do make a pretty purse.

Images: agabag/Etsy, jegascreations/Etsy, rockrockabilly/Etsy, rommydebommy/Etsy, pegstardesigns/Etsy, novelcreations/Etsy