8 Chic Ways To Style Denim On Denim

My favorite thing about fashion is that the rules are, there are no rules. Things like denim on denim trends become in, and classics like tweeds are on their way out. One moment culottes are the things your mom wore with a fanny pack that one trip to Disney World, and the next they're the item for a stylish spring. A few months back, people would only wear visors if they were really bad at poker, and now they're the new wide brim hat. Once upon a time evening dresses were reserved for dinners in old hotels in downtowns, and now they're paired with sweaters and running shoes. Just when you think you have a handle on things, the formula gets re-shifted and you're back to trying to make sense of it all.

But that's what's so fun about the whole thing: You're not supposed to make sense of it. You're supposed to like what you like and run with it. All these contradicting, baffling rules are there to highlight that everything can work if you want it to work. Things that clash suddenly match, uptown pieces begin making nice with downtown flair, and ugly-pretty trends reign supreme as orthopedic-looking shoes are paired with flirty spring dresses. It's madness. And when embraced, it's insanely fun.

So what's next up on the chopping block? What pariah trend is making its way back into vogue? The answer might make some of you wrinkle your nose, but give it a shot. It's the Canadian tuxedo.

Denim on denim is hitting the streets in a big way, and while some of us might have a hard time detaching mullets and crushed beer cans from the style, I'm here to show you it can be done. All it takes is some clever styling. So are you ready to embrace it? Here are eight different ways to style denim on denim in chic ways:

1. Wear It With Overalls

What better way to do denim on denim than to go all in with overalls? To not look like you're on your third grade field trip, choose a pair that's snug and well tailored. Then pop a sleeveless denim shirt underneath, undoing the top three buttons to give you a relaxed, casual feel. Dress it up with statement heels for an unexpected wow factor, or dress it down with tennis shoes for a quirky, casual look.

2. Look For Unexpected Details

A good way to break up an allover jean look is to pop in some pieces with unexpected details. For example, does your shirt have frayed cuffs? Does your denim top have a pussy bow? Maybe you jumped on the bohemian bandwagon and your denim blouse has fringe along its hem. Interesting details like that help add extra elements to the look, detracting from the monochrome style.

3. Go With Different Shades Of Denim

Break up your look by going all denim, but in varying shades. Have your jeans be in a dark wash, but then choose a lighter hue for either your shirt or denim jacket. It's a quieter way to try out the trend, and a good way to dip a toe into it if you're not completely sold!

4. Let The Accessories Do The Lifting

Help add interest to the overly-blue look by popping in some playful accessories to help shake things up. Bring out a clutch with citrus stripes, shoes with fun details, or crossbody bags in neon colors. Maybe layer a wildly colored summer scarf around your neck or bust out a floppy hat in a happy hue. Little pops of color and pattern will go a long way.

5. Go With Completely Different Colors

If you're still not sold that this can work, try going with completely different washes. Pair a dark blue denim jacket with black jeans, or a chambray shirt with a white denim skirt. The material and texture will be the same, but the different colors will help put you at ease.

6. Shred It

Instead of breaking up the look with color, break it up with texture. Incorporate a shredded piece, whether it be in your denim skirt, jacket, or jeans. The white fraying will help drag the eye to the detail and it'll add some interest to the indigo overload.

7. Go Soft

Not everyone's willing to go all-in with an intimidating trend. Some of us like to be quieter with our style, and love a good minimal, clean-lined look. Well, I got you. Instead of going heavy with the denim, try pairing your jeans with a soft, chambray shirt. They come in all varying different colors, some even verging on white. That'll help you achieve your simple tastes while still trying something new!

8. Incorporate Jackets

If you might feel silly going outside in nothing but denim, break up the look with an outer layer. Since you pretty much have an all-neutral outfit, you can go one of two ways: 1. Go classic and pop a trench or sleeveless duster vest on top, or 2. Take the opportunity to try on a wilder piece. Maybe you have a statement coat you never really knew how to wear, or a bright color jacket that doesn't match anything. Denim on denim is practically a neutral, and will be the perfect, quiet backdrop for the piece!

Images: Instagram/coolcurations, igobyfrankie, blackstone705, closetvice, crystalinmarie, chictalkch, darling_divaa, lu_jadore