Is "The Royals" Star Alexandra Park Single?

by Marenah Dobin

I have to be honest, I did not expect to enjoy watching The Royals on E!. Although, I'm not surprised that I gave it a chance. After all, I end up watching every single show on the network. And as usual, I'm pretty much hooked. I love the outrageous story lines and the characters, and now, I want to know more about the actors in real life. They are all relative unknowns with the exception of Elizabeth Hurley, so this piqued my curiosity. Plus, they're all young and attractive. This is especially true when it comes to their love lives. So what's the deal with Alexandra Park? She plays the troubled Princess Eleanor, who is in a dysfunctional relationship with her security guard full of blackmail. Is Park's personal life as captivating as her television alter ego's. Is The Royals' Alexandra Park dating anyone? Is she in a relationship? What's the story there?

Now that Park is on a hit TV show, she's bound to get more attention. This means that her fans will want to know all about her personal life. So let's cut to the chase and do some investigation. And by that, I mean let's stalk her social media profiles.

Park recently posted a selfie with Luke Cheadle. So does this mean they're dating? I don't see any heart emojis or any of the other lovey dovey symbolism, so this piece of evidence is inconclusive on it's own.

But! Park also posted a screen shot of a conversation with Cheadle. Note, the contact is saved as "Lukie" with a red heart emoji next to it. This is typically a sign of a romantic relationship in today's modern dating era — a cutesy nickname and an emoji — but not a 100 percent guarantee.

Now this photo seems like it could be confirmation. Yes, the pic is a little bit boring, but the caption is pretty telling. It says "My" followed by a sunshine emoji. So Luke Cheadle is her sunshine. That seems pretty romantic to me.

We're getting warmer. This pretty much verifies that there is a romantic relationship in place. Four pink heart emojis in the caption of a super cute black and white photograph? Yes. They are dating. They have to be. Right?

Emojis aside, this is the photo is the real dead giveaway that Park must be dating Cheadle. Cheadle posted a photo of Park doing press for The Royals, with this as the caption:

The other night I was "Handbag boy" for @alexandrapark1 as she strutted the carpet for #okmagazine. Unfortunately Handbag Boy doesn't get to fly to New York for the next round of press for #theroyals, but I'm there in spirit!

Yes, this is a super sweet and supportive caption. But the real indication that Luke Cheadle is proooobably Park's boyfriend? He was holding her purse. You don't do that for just anyone.

So who is Luke Cheadle? He is a little bit mysterious — for now. I clicked the link in his Instagram profile for Velvet Sea, which is a described as a "full service creative agency." Cheadle's LinkedIn profile lists him as a "Social Media and Marketing Professional, Content Producer, Copywriter, Professional Surfer, DJ, Model." Wow, that's a lot of commas, it looks like Alexandra Park nabbed herself a real renaissance man.

Sadly, there's not a lot of information about the two as couple, including how they met or how long they've been together, but I'm sure there will be in due time. It looks like Alexandra Park's career is about to really take off and Cheadle has 20 million careers, so I feel like there will be a lot of interest in their relationship and we will find out more about the couple eventually.

Images: Alexandra Park/Instagram