'Catfish' Couple Stephanie & David Might Work Out, But Only If He Doesn't Betray Her

After four seasons of Catfish, anyone who meets someone online but hasn't ever met them in real life — or even Skyped — has reason to be skeptical. Because of shows like Catfish, we're kind of trained to be suspicious of people we develop relationships with online. On this Wednesday's episode of Catfish , Stephanie is skeptical of David, a man she met on Facebook, due to his often sketchy excuses and lack of photos. Betrayal is something Stephanie is used to, and if David is just another man who disappoints her, she will be devastated. So what are the chances that David is actually the man he says he is?

I can't fault Stephanie for trusting in David as much as she has, because all of this actually went down during filming for Season 1 of Catfish (it's actually still listed under Season 1 episodes on TV Guide), so we were all still new to that "trust no one" attitude. This never-before-seen episode from back then tells the story of Stephanie and David, two friends who might have the potential of becoming more if everything turns out well at the end of the episode. So, what are the odds of that happening? Here's what we know about Stephanie and David's episode of Catfish, starting with the preview.

They've Been Talking For 7 Months

David added Stephanie on Facebook seven months prior to Stephanie reaching out to Nev and Max. He made the first move by contacting her, but the two have never Skyped. In the preview, Stephanie says that David changes the subject each time she suggests video chatting.

They've Also Never Met

The two are both located in Los Angeles area, but they've never met. Like past Catfish-ers, David manages to have an excuse each time Stephanie tries to plan a meet-up.

David Has Become A Support System

Recently, Stephanie's parents divorced after a very long marriage. Since then, David has become a person for Stephanie to rely on and find support from. She has been able to tell David exactly how she feels about what's happening in her family, which is why, even if David is lying about his identity, I think he is still a good friend that Stephanie can talk to. But that's just my personal opinion, and Stephanie might not feel the same way.

Stephanie Doesn't Know Anything About Him

Because Stephanie has been going through her own issues, she hasn't really taken the time to learn about David's personal life. Not only will that probably make it more difficult for Nev and Max to learn if David is real or not, but it also makes me think that maybe Stephanie should learn a little about him if things work out in the end.

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