7 Times 'The Bachelor's Chris Soules Was Relatable, Because He's Definitely The Most Down-To-Earth Bachelor

Say what you will about The Bachelor, but there's no denying that Chris Soules is very relatable and down-to-earth. The small-town farmer may be on his third reality show now, but he somehow always maintains his sense of normalcy. I mean, this is the guy who, when asked to be the next Bachelor, responded with absolute grace: "Coming from a small town, I'd never really expected to have this opportunity to be on either show, let alone be the lead on The Bachelor, so it's been awesome," Soules said when the announcement was first made. "I'm humbled, flattered, grateful."

And while he had his flaws as the leader of the show, for the most part it was easy to tell he was doing his best. (Juan Pablo he was not.) He really seemed to care about the women and sought to always be honest with them, even going so far as to express his insecurities with them. That's actually pretty rare for a Bachelor to divulge. Usually they stay pretty tight-lipped on their own flaws.

Now that he's working hard to excel on Dancing With the Stars because dancing doesn't come naturally to him, I thought I'd take a moment to appreciate the Bachelor and all his relatable ways.

He Gets Excited About Food

All day DWTS practices means that Soules has to intake even more calories to stay energized. He seems pretty pumped about this regimen and has become the kind of person who Instagrams his meals.

He's Not a Great Dancer

Soules is the first to admit DWTS is a challenge for him. "I am a straight-up amateur," he said of his skills. Me too, Chris. Me too. Props to him for putting it all out there anyway.

He's Insecure About His Hometown

Arlington, Iowa was a source of great stress for the Bachelor during his season. He was really nervous that none of the women would like it, and thus would leave him. It was refreshing to see a Bachelor be worried about something for once, and to acknowledge that it's a two way street. He can like someone all he wants, but they also have to like him back, small town and all. Fortunately his fiancée Whitney Bischoff doesn't seem to mind Arlington!

He Has a Hard Time Making His Point In Stressful Situations

Are you ever in an argument or situation where it's imperative that you say exactly what you mean, and yet you find yourself stumbling over all your words? Chris Soules knows that feeling better than anyone. Stars, they're just like us.

He's a Dork

Who among us isn't a little dorky? I'm glad Chris isn't afraid to be goofy, even when he's in the public eye.

He Loves Taco Johns

Tacos forever.

He Has an Awkward Laugh

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He sounds a little bit like a dolphin, and it's precious. It's a great reminder that laughter is a strange emotion and it sounds weird, but that's OK. If the Bachelor can laugh weird, so can you.

I never thought I'd relate so much to a farmer from Iowa, but there you have it. Chris Soules and I are basically the same person, just with varying levels of passion about corn.

Images: Martha Sorren (2)