This Women’s Self-Defense Video From 1947 Will Make You Want To Sign Up For Judo Jymnastics

I enjoy the simple things in life: good food, kittens, books, and examples of women kicking butt. But rarely do I get to see a video as entertaining as this women’s self-defense video from 1947. I do find it frustrating that we live in a world where women’s self-defense classes are not only necessary, but that we were already exploring the categories of “Judo Jymnastics” in the 1940s. Because even as I write this, I can think of a few go-to self-defense moves that I keep in the back of my mind: keep my keys between fingers, go for the eyes and groin, and never stop screaming. I don't know any woman who doesn't know a few self-defense moves or carry around pepper spray.

But even when we’re talking about self-defense and the underlying reasons why we need it, there’s still surprisingly, some humor to be found on the topic. If Tina Fey can make a comedy built on the very real and traumatic cases of women being kidnapped and trapped in cults, we can find the humor in this interesting combination of judo and gymnastics (how and why?) self-defense video from the 1940s. Or at least, I can.

While the jury is out on exactly how effective these moves are, the video is still absolutely wonderful. The video is enough to make you realize why this is the best thing you’ll see today, but here are the reasons why I absolutely love it

1. The name

You may watch this video and think this doesn’t look like Judo or gymnastics. First of all, you mean jymnastics. Second of all, duh! That’s because it’s neither judo nor gymnastics: it’s Judo Jymnastics! An absolutely necessary and great alliteration.

2. The fashion

I have been on the fence about the return of the overalls until I saw the ones our "victim," Mary Parker, is wearing in this video. Somebody get me a pair of those so I can rock them all season, please. I’m still on the fence about her kitten heels, but I’m going to give her credit for using them to beat up guys. Also I’m digging the high waisted shorts on our attacker, Lou Leonard. Now I understand why guys are always complaining about women wearing high waisted shorts: they’re jealously waiting for their turn to wear them again.

3. The random woman in the back

I’m not quite sure why she’s there, and she’s not either, but she’s having the time of her life. She’s taking tips on how to protect herself from an attacker while getting her workout in? Don't mind her, she's just in the back winning.

4. The support of the viewers

Everybody looks very excited about this demonstration, and I can’t blame them. Mary is kicking butt and taking names. If the viewers weren’t already feminists when they started watching this demonstration, I’m sure the they will be by the end of it. At 1:13, Mary mimes kicking Lou in the crotch and the viewers (including the guy) give each other approving looks.

5. The overall demeanor of our heroine

Mary is the epitome of unbothered. Throughout the video, she’s casually sashaying around in an outfit that I would absolutely wear today (minus the shoes) and kicking Lou’s butt with just a little bit of effort and some slight annoyance. The cherry on top of this display of feminine strength is every moment she stops to make sure her hair is still on point.

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Image: Krav Maga Worldwide Barcelona/Youtube; Wifflegif (4); Tumblr