What If 'The Vampire Diaries' Love Triangle Played Out Like The One On 'Jane The Virgin'?

Unless you've been living under a rock this entire week, you've undoubtedly heard that Nina Dobrev has decided to leave The Vampire Diaries after Season 6. And while I'm currently making my way through the five stages of grief for both Elena Gilbert and the Delena 'shipping community (though I seem to be stuck on "denial"), it's also filled me with a ton of nostalgia. It feels like so long ago since we first set eyes on these Mystic Falls characters, and now that their core heroine has one foot out the door, I can't help but look back at what might've been if things had played out differently. Take, for instance, the TVD love triangle itself between Elena, Damon, and Stefan. What if this trio came to exist under completely different circumstances… kinda like how it did for Jane in Jane the Virgin?

I mean, let's face it, Rafael would've probably never come into the picture if it hadn't been for Jane's whole accidental artificial insemination debacle. In fact, Jane and Michael would probably be married at this point. (I'm Team Michael all the way FYI.) So what if Elena had found herself in the same exact predicament? Of course, I realize that — with the exception of Klaus' hybrid ways — a vampire is unable to get anyone pregnant. But for the sake of argument, let's just say it was possible in this particular scenario. What would happen as a result of such a twist? I have a few ideas…

Everyone Would Be Super Confused

Like I just said, vampires are not supposed to be able to procreate, so this would immediately cause a great deal of confusion and disbelief among our core characters. And let's just say that I would not want to be the Mystic Falls gynecologist that started this whole mess. (Hopefully he/she is on vervain and possesses the power of invisibility.)

Elena's Pregnancy Cravings Would Be Unique & Gross

Is it soup? Is it blood? Is it soup blood? I have no idea what half baby vampires eat. But it's a question that I'm sure TVD would sink its teeth right into — in more ways than one.

Stefan & Damon's Brotherly Bond Would Be Tested

Out of all the complex relationships in the TVD universe, none is as fundamentally important than that of the Salvatore brothers. These two have survived almost everything together, even falling in love with the same woman… twice. However, if you were to bring a baby into the mix, I worry that nothing would be able to salvage this divide. Michael and Rafael hate each other because of how threatened they make one another feel, and the baby is a constant reminder of that fact. So since Stefan would clearly be the good guy Michael equivalent (thus making Damon the playboy Rafael of the group), there's simply no way their bromance could ever be the same, regardless of if it was all an accident or not. That is, unless…

...They Take The Three Men & A Baby Approach

Though, for this specific case I guess it would be more like Two Vamps & A Baby, wouldn't it? Either way, I'm into it.

'Shipping Allegiances Could Shift

Like most of the TVD population, I've always been on Team Damon. It's not so much that I dislike Stefan, but rather I simply can't deny those bad boy Smolderholder charms. However, I've always found Michael to be extremely more likable than Rafael. So if Stefan is Michael's TVD counterpart, does that mean I would've ended up being Team Stefan instead if their storyline had played out in this direction? I like to think that my preferences extend beyond that of strictly looks and deals more so with their overall character appeal. And as much as I love Damon, in regards to who would probably be a better role model and father figure, I'd have to go with Stefan every time.

Hormonal Outbursts Would Be Often & Well Warranted

Well, at least from Elena anyway. Hey, pregnancy can be an emotional time, especially when you're being forced to choose between two hot brothers. You're pregnant. You should be able to have your cake and eat it off both guys, too. (Pretty sure that's how the saying goes.)

It Would've Been So Easy To Tell Elena & Katherine Apart

Baby bump = Elena. No baby bump = Katherine. It'd just be that simple.

We'd Still Feel Compelled To Tune In

Despite how very different the show itself would unfold by throwing a baby into the mix, there's one thing about this series that would never change: My persistence in tuning in each and every Thursday night. For better or worse, I'll love these characters until the bitter end.

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