Ben Stiller & Naomi Watts Battle Mean Parents In 'While We're Young' — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

VHS vs. BluRay. MP3s vs. Vinyl. Ipads vs. retro boardgames. A child vs. a pet chicken kept in the living room — wait, what? In Noah Baumbach's While We're Young , a portrait of an aging couple and the young hipster couple who enters their lives, our stereotypes of what it means to age are turned on their heads. With Adam Driver (naturally) and Amanda Seyfried playing the hip young couple, and Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as the 40somethings looking for a change, chaos and generational confusion ensue.

In this clip from the film, Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as Josh and Cornelia Srebnick, are a happily married couple who are unable to start a family, but decided they are A-OK with that. When they stop by their friends' house — a couple their age who just had a baby — and find the couple is throwing a party and didn't invite them, things get weird. Josh and Cornelia don't quite fit in with their their new 20something friends, but because they can't relate to life with a baby, they also aren't fully accepted by their peers.

While We're Young opens in wide release Friday, April 10. Watch the exclusive clip below:

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Image: A24