If We Spoke In Real Life How We Do In Emails, We Would Sound Like Dysfunctional Insane People — VIDEO

It's safe to say that if we actually said anything out loud the way we write it in an email, we'd sound insane. Can you imagine casually walking up to your coworker and saying, "Good morning! When you have a moment, can we chat offline about your expectations for Q4"? Or worse, having to give an excuse to skip work by calling in, instead of sending an email? If you're wondering to what degree you'd sound ridiculous, look no further. Comedy Duo Tripp and Tyler have outlined exactly what email In real life would sound like.

Whether you hate your job, or just need some sort of comedy indulgence to brighten up your mundane work week, this video is priceless. It also has me seriously reconsidering my mobile email signature. My signature currently says "Sent from my iPhone/Bathtub," which, now that I'm thinking about it, says, "Hi, my name is Maya and I consider myself whimsical and unemployable. Please, for the love of God, help me." Not the greatest message, but I'm working on it, okay? It could be worse. I could be the person who was so! ecstatic! about! every! single! sentence! EVER!!!!!

You see my point.

Watch the video below:

Tripp and Tyler on YouTube

ICYMI, this video is actually a sequel to their original "Conference Call In Real Life" which is excellent. The original video got Tripp and Tyler amazing recognition at the 2014 New Directors' Showcase in Cannes, France.

Tripp and Tyler on YouTube

If Tripp and Tyler are doing another sequel in the future, here are a few scenarios they should consider adding:

1. The away message that goes into way too much detail

Like, I'm so happy you're going on vacation. You deserve it. But do you really need to put your entire European itinerary in your auto-reply and leave me salivating about the crepes, tapas and antipasto that you're probably going to eat? You do that, and I'll just be toiling over the work you left behind, as I spread my file folders all over our shared desk space.

2. The entry-level employee who's "just circling back on the below"

Which is a friendly way of saying "I NEED YOUR DIRECTION. WHY WON'T YOU EVER RESPOND? Why don't you like me? I stay until 7 every night!"

3. The kid whose name you can't remember because you just call him, "Mr. Reply All"

You'd think after it happened once, he'd realize that replying all was unnecessary and super annoying. Instead, he's convinced reply all is relevant for all scenarios. Party foul.


...Could you please just text me? Or use GChat? OK, let's be honest: I appreciate the distraction, but there's a time and a place for dealing with your drama.

5. When your boss pokes your head in to ask why you aren't on the conference call that started 10 minutes ago.

Oh, you mean the conference call you never invited me to because you forgot that I existed? Yeah, I'll jump right on that. So sorry!

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