Is Lifetime's 'Text To Kill' Based On A True Story? Similar Tales Don’t Exactly Suggest A Happy Ending

What's more terrifying? Knowing that a Lifetime thriller is based on a true story, or knowing that it easily could be? I think the latter, because in that case, it's just a matter of time until the ball drops and I'm living in a nightmare. And while this chill-inducing movie might seem realistic, Lifetime's new film Text to Kill isn't directly based on a true story. But that doesn't mean that it isn't a story that may seem familiar — and even worse — very possible.

The film tells the story about Taylor, a high school student who is dealing with the aftermath of her father dying in a controversial drunk driving accident. Taylor starts to receive ominous chat messages from someone named "TRUTH&LIES" who claims they "know the truth," and other creepy stuff to send to a total stranger. Taylor learns she isn't the only person receiving these messages. Her ex-best friend, her ex-boyfriend, a friend named Barb, and the cute new boy — CRUSH ALERT — are all receiving messages from "TRUTH&LIES," suggesting they all have very big secrets to hide from the public. The gang teams up in trying to discover the real identity behind "TRUTH&LIES" before it is "too late."

The story itself is not inspired by a particular set of events. And while most people might not have secrets big or controversial enough to keep under wraps, the idea that someone could use social media and messaging apps to essentially blackmail others doesn't seem too far out of the realm of possibilities. Yay...

If parts of Text To Kill sound similar to stories you've seen before on TV, you're not alone. While we don't know exactly how this story will play out, these shows with similar themes suggest things might not end on a happy note.

Pretty Little Liars

Just ask the girls of Rosewood how ominous and threatening text messages work out for them. "TRUTH&LIES" sounds a lot like "A." As PLLfans all know, "A" is one freaky mystery of a person, so if Text To Killfollows its lead, don't expect it to end in a clear black and white picture.

Eye Candy

Then again, some shows that involve virtual harassment, like Eye Candy, end up with the stalker behind bars... but a lot of people have to get hurt in the process. Hopefully Taylor's crew of stalked friends keep their doors locked at night.

Watch the teaser trailer of Text to Kill below. And if I may suggest anything, put your phone on silent when watching this movie — unless you want to jump out of your seat every few minutes.

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