Demi Lovato Covers Her "Vagina" Tat With New Ink

Demi Lovato kicked Elsa's ass with her Let It Go cover last year, and now it looks like the 22-year-old singer is crooning the tune to one of her more regrettable tattoos. Lovato just revealed some new ink on her Instagram that covers up the old tat she lovingly dubbed her "vagina tattoo."

Demi's body is littered with some beautiful ink, most of which represents things the singer holds near and dear to her heart, like her inner strength or her religious faith. But that pair of pink lips inked on her wrist? Yeah, those just look like some straight up ladybits.

Everyone makes mistakes though, and Demi managed to cover hers up last week with a little help from a crazy talented tattoo artist. That pink pucker is no more, and in its place is a classically beautiful black and white rose tattoo, as seen on Demi's Instagram with the caption "#RIPvaginatattoo!"

Obviously, Lovato is relieved to see that particular ink go and is understandably thrilled to start rocking her new, gorgeous ink, but even I, totally tattooless person that I am, can't help but get excited when I spot an unbelievable coverup. Taking something from a tattoo nightmare or teenage mistake to a total work of art can't be an easy task, which makes the crazy cool tattoo coverups below all the more impressive. But first, here's Demi's!

Gypsy Girl

From a cabbage (blades of grass? green flames?) to a gorgeous gypsy girl

A Fierce Tiger Tat

That wolf is scary for all the wrong reasons...

An Intricate Mandala

A beautiful mandala to remedy a spring break mistake

Vintage Florals

From broken hearts to vintage love

Pattern Perfection

You're probably better off letting Tigger bounce away.

Peony Flowers

A cringe-worthy grammatical error and a relationship tat? I could've told you this wouldn't end well...

Images: Getty Images, TrueDDLovatoFan/Twitter, zacfree/Instagram, nguyentattoos/Twitter, andersongalindotattoo/Instagram, blackcatcara/Instagram, TheTattooCo/Twitter, graywash/Instagram