Adam Levine Gets Ambushed By Fan At Maroon 5 Concert & He's Going To Be Mliking This Story For Years — VIDEO

Iron barricades and an army of security guards are no match for the wily young fans of Adam Levine. During a concert in Anaheim, a rogue Maroon 5 fan ran on stage and tried to hug Adam Levine. Naturally, Levine talked about the episode for the rest of the night. Odds are, this will become one of his designated amusing stories to tell at parties.

It'll start with a real dramatic lead-in, something like: It was a balmy Monday night at the Honda Center. Levine was in the middle of his April 7 concert, totally in the zone. Like, CRUSHING IT. The angels of pop-rock were singing through him. Suddenly, just as he was about to execute a dramatic mic-stand-grab, an anonymous fan scurried on stage and latched onto him with the force of 1,000 flying squirrels. Security was nowhere to be found. Behati Prinsloo was nowhere to be found. He was alone in the arms of a stranger.

The fan continued to grab at Levine and he didn't know what she was capable of. Murder? Identity theft? Pickpocketing? So, he tried to reason with her. He threw up his hands as if to say, "Kindly, stop harshing my groove, madame," but to no avail. The fan was intent on harshing his groove. Realizing that her endeavors to maul him couldn't be stopped, Levine put his arm around her and rocked her back and forth until security arrived. Someone probably got fired. The end.

Ever the raconteur, Levine mined the episode for stage banter material. "It's just weird to be in the moment and you're like singing and your eyes are closed and you have this beautiful moment," he said of the event that everyone had just seen. "And then the next thing you know, someone's f--king in your face." Oh we know, Adam. We know. We saw it. We were there, remember?

He continued, speaking with bravery of his battle wounds. "See that?" he asked the audience, "She cut my ear with her fingernail."

And if you think this sounds familiar, it's because it has happened before. At an Alberta concert in late March, a fan ran on stage and kissed Levine on the cheek. NOT AGAIN!! Find the smooch attack at about 3 minutes and 15 seconds into the following video.

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This one also became grist for the mill, as they say.

But don't you worry for poor Adam Levine and his nicked ear. He'll surely be getting some anecdotal mileage out of these harrowing love attacks. You'll invite him over for a dinner party, and he'll be all, "Did I tell you about the time in Alberta that a fan ran on stage and kissed me? How about the incident in Anaheim where a fan bum-rushed my song and LITERALLY drew blood?" Then you'll be all, "I think I've heard both of those." Then he'll say "Oh, they're really quick, I'll tell 'em again." Classic Levine.