Will Zac Efron Be At the MTV Movie Awards? The Real Question Might Be Whether Or Not He's Bringing A Shirt

The MTV Movie Awards are right around the corner, set to take place Sunday, April 12 this year. Fans who tuned in last year might remember a certain talented actor taking off his shirt while onstage accepting an award for Best Shirtless Performance. Of course, this couldn't be anyone else other than Zafron. And fans of his might be wondering if Zac Efron will be at the MTV Movie Awards this year. As it turns out, not only will he be there, he might be winning another award or four! Efron has been nominated for four MTV Movie Awards.

All of Efron's nominations are for his role in the comedy The Neighbors, where he plays a college student who is without question the life of the party at his frat house, where he lives next to a young family that prefers for things to be on the quiet side in their neighborhood. For his role in The Neighbors, Efron is nominated for Best Duo, Best Musical Moment, Best Fight, and Best Shirtless Performance (yes, again!). So the real question fans should be asking is not whether Efron will be there, but rather, whether he will be bringing his shirt with him this time, or if he will lose it yet again.

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So last year, Efron had promised fans ahead of time that if he won that year's Best Shirtless Performance, he would accept the award while shirtless. As you can see from the video above, he made good on his promise — partially thanks to Rita Ora, who graciously helped him deliver. And of course, he did not disappoint the crowd, which immediately went wild. So is a repeat performance underway for this year?

Well, he has not made any promises — or even any joking tweets about it, like he did last year. Granted, last year he was up against Chris Hemsworth as Thor for the award, which is why he even entertained the idea of accepting while shirtless in the first place. But that being said, he is nominated for the same exact award this year, so it certainly is possible. And as he saw last year, it was a huge hit with just about everyone in the room who has a pulse, so why not?

We will probably have to wait the night of the award show to see if there will be some shirtless deja vu. If Ora is there again, well, you can put two and two together. But in the meantime, Efron has sent out a little message on his Twitter page to fans voting for him, including a photo of him on a ride out in what appears to be the countryside. Could the photo be a signal to "get ready" for another night like last year if he wins again? Only time will tell!