9 Makeup Hacks For Days When You're Feeling Sick But Still Need To Get Up And Do Things

Being sick is the absolute worst. As much as you would rather crawl back into bed and sleep the whole thing off, you still have to be a real person and do things when you’re sick — like go to school, work, etc. Putting on makeup when you have a cold might be the last thing on your mind, but it might help give you the boost you need to make it through the day. Plus, you can avoid all of those, “Wow, you look really sick,” comments because really, who actually loves those?

As someone who constantly finds herself getting sick at the worst possible time, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to fake looking better than I feel. So try these hacks to get you quickly out the door and put your best face forward.

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Skip Black Eyeliner And Use White Instead

Look, I love tight-lining my eyeliner and creating a sleek winged look as much as the next girl, but on sick days that just won’t fly. Black eyeliner will smudge very easily when your eyes are watery and can make them get super irritated. The last thing you need is a huge mess on your hands. To make tired eyes look wide awake, line the inner rim with a white eyeliner pencil. If you’re like me and want something even more natural, try a nude pencil instead.

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Prep Skin With A Luminous Primer

A dewy skin look is the best for days when you’re feeling under the weather. Avoid matte makeup that can make the skin look dull and use a luminous primer instead for under your tinted moisturizer or foundation. It will allow light to reflect off of your skin and leave you with a healthy and glowing finish.

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Use Blotting Sheets

Going for the dewy look is one thing, but having oily skin is a whole other battle. If you’re fighting off a fever, you may feel clammy and it can show on your face. Your body will produce excess oils and you’ll look shiny in your t-zone areas. Soak it up with a blotting sheet and you’ll be good to go.

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Swipe On Sheer Lipstick

Sheer lipstick is trending and for a good reason. Makeup brands are coming out with sheer lipstick in a variety of colors for spring because let’s face it, they look good on everyone. Unlike mattes that can be drying and show every single line in your lips, sheer lipsticks are much more hydrating making them perfect for sick days. Plus, they’re not ridiculously sticky like a lip gloss and will definitely give your complexion a boost.

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Apply A Lightweight Concealer

The best way to avoid looking even more tired when you’re sick is to use as few layers of makeup as possible. Stay away from heavy concealers that can crease or get cakey and go for a lightweight formula that is easily blend-able. Pick a concealer one to two shades lighter for the under eye area to look awake after your cold has kept you tossing and turning all night.

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Tame Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are bound to come with the territory of being sick and not a cute look at all. To diminish any swelling in the eye area, apply a smoothing gel to the under eye area. Go for a gel that has a metal tip that dispenses the product. The night before you do your makeup, stick it in the fridge and when you wake up, the cool metal tip will refresh your skin and help soothe any puffiness score!

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Swap Your Eye Pencil For A Brow Gel

If you haven’t tried a brow gel yet, you need to get on it because they are amazing. When you’re so sick from a sneeze attack that steady hands are out of the question, a tinted brow gel will do the trick over a pencil. Not only will it fill in any gaps, but with a mascara-like wand, it takes seconds to swipe on and get instant brows.

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Cream Blush > Powder Blush

Cream blushes are great because they offer fast application and major color payoff. To avoid a patchy look, skip powder blushes or bronzers that can make skin look even dryer when you’re sick. When choosing a color, go for a soft peach or light pink that looks as natural as possible to the natural flush of your cheeks. If you feel like you need something extra, pick a light reflecting formula that has a light hint of shimmer.

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Use A Rosewater Finishing Spray

To keep your makeup in place when you’re constantly reaching for the tissue box, set it with a rosewater spray. Rosewater is known for its amazing anti-inflammatory benefits that can help calm irritated or overworked skin. The natural oils found in rosewater also help moisturize skin and some types of rosewater sprays also have aloe for even more skin-saving goodies.

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