9 'American Horror Story: Coven' Fashion Looks We Covet

American Horror Story's past two seasons never failed to frighten us, but one emotion we're surprised to feel watching American Horror Story: Coven is fashion envy. Whether it's Fiona's (Jessica Lange) all-black wardrobe or Madison's (Emma Roberts) Kate Moss-inspired looks, we can't recall TV witches ever looking this good. Here are some of our favorite looks from the past two episodes. Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. on FX for some great scares... and wears.

Images: FX

by Kaitlin Reilly

Misty Day's Boho Chic Dress

Perfect for murdering alligator hunters in, or dancing around to the sweet sounds of Stevie Nicks.

Madison's Breaking-and-Entering Attire

The combat boots! The army jacket! The dark shades! Perfect for looking effortless while you break into a morgue to resurrect a dead body. You know, Tuesdays.

All Black (Magic)

It slims, and it indicates to the world that you are a group of badass witches. Bonus points for Fiona Goode's use of the sassy black umbrella.

Madison's Fur Vest

Ugh, if only she weren't so mean. I would totally be her friend in order to borrow her clothes. Let's hope it's faux.

Fiona's Bewitching Shoes

Every gal needs a classic pair of black heels. We hope these shoes don't hurt nearly as badly as Fiona's mind control does.

Laveau's Accessories

Marie Laveau may be a witch, but her real powers may be the ability to accessorize.

Everything About Cordelia's Outfit

The necklace, the variety in volume, the black-and-white color scheme. Clearly, someone got more than magic from her mom.

Zoe's LBD

Part college-girl-at-a-frat-party, part witch-about-to-do-some-very-bad things.