There Are More US Uniqlo Stores Coming Soon

If you're a big fan of the Japanese brand Uniqlo, prepare to get excited. Uniqlo is opening up more stores in the US slowly, but surely — starting with new locations in Seattle, Washington DC, and Denver. So, no, there's not going to be a Uniqlo in every single city, but slow, steady progress is better than nothing, right? We'll take what we can get. And after all, Uniqlo already has almost 40 stores in the US to begin with. So if you don't already have one nearby, then you may have one in your city in the near future (if you're lucky).

And in case you're not already familiar with Uniqlo — I grew up and went to college in Florida and never once saw a Uniqlo anywhere near either my home or college town — then you should know what you're missing, too. Known for basics in every color imaginable, super cool collaborations like Uniqlo x Lemaire, and selling things that are generally just the epitome of minimalism, Uniqlo is for the super cool kid to say the very least. The brand is all about clean lines, bright colors, and overall effortless chic. Once you see their Instagram account, you kind of get the idea pretty instantly. It may not be everyone's personal aesthetic, but the options are endless in terms of finding different, versatile options.

Long story short, let's just hope (for the sake of all of us who love fashion at least) that in a few more years Uniqlo will expand even further than just the three new US stores.