These Gorgeous Food And Cooking Cinemagraphs Bring The Dreamy Deliciousness Of The Kitchen To Life — PHOTOS

Look away if you're feeling hungry. Or don't, actually. No one would tell you to look away from a book if you were feeling inquisitive would they? Or to look away from porn if you were feeling horny. So if you're hungry right now, open your eyes because I'm about to take things to your level. Russian pair Daria Khoroshavina and Olga Kolesnikova, who go by Dasha & Olya are "taking food photography to the next level" with their stunning cinemagraphs of food and meal preparation on their site, Buttery Planet, the online home for their company, Kitchen Ghosts. Daria is the photographer of the pair, while Olga does the prop and food styling, but together, they make visual culinary magic. And the good news? The talented ladies will make custom images, in case there's something you just need to see in this beautiful, mesmerizing form.

The gorgeous cinemagraphs portray steps in the process of meal creation, as well as the finished product, and all are visually poetic. Dreamy colors in warm kitchen landscapes with mouthwatering dishes at the center of it all will inspire you to put more care into your own culinary creations. The whole thing is hopelessly romantic, like a Sofia Coppola movie set in the rustic kitchen of a European villa tucked away in the wilderness, where everyone wears big wool sweaters and no pants as they sip from huge mugs of steaming coffee. Case in point:

I've been obsessively trawling the site today, coming up with my perfect/dream day of eating. Which incidentally is going to be yours in about thirty seconds time:

1. Coffee first, of course

2. French toast breakfast in bed

3. Morning tea

4. Lentil borscht for lunch

5. Afternoon tea

6. Pasta with chicken and honey orange sauce for dinner

7. Pear strudel for dinner

DELICIOUS. Excuse me while I skip yoga to eat everything in my house.

Images: David Leggett/Flickr; Buttery Planet/Tumblr (10)