8 Tips To Make Your Studio Apartment Sexy, Because A Few Small Changes To That Twin-Sized Bed Will Get You In The Mood

My name is Aly and I live in a studio apartment. A really small one, at that. As in, I've been having sex in a twin bed for the past decade. But, hey—I get to say I live in a really trendy area of Brooklyn, right? Yay.

I've recently upgraded my bed (twin XL for the win!) and added a black leather love seat to the mix, so things are looking up. But what I learned years ago was that these sorts of apartments are all about what you make of them. It's really easy when you live in a space that's hardly bigger than your average dorm room that you'll feel like you're still a kid. (Truth is, my bed is barely bigger than my childhood bed.) The secret to not feeling like you are 12 years old is to take every step you can to sexy things up. Make your apartment more adult, and it'll be a lot easier to have adult fun when you are in it.

Easier said than done, I know. I've been there. And it's still a work in progress on my end, as well. (Trust me, wine helps.) I consulted the experts about how to make the most of your tiny space — the sexy most, that is!

1. Make a Music Mix


Sometimes it can be hard to make a space feel sexy, but music is a great way to put a person in the mood. And not just what turns you on. "By knowing what turns your partner on you can plant that subtle message that says that you are ready for some hot and steamy action," says Lee Harrington, Sexuality Author & Educator.

2. Buy Some Sexy Sheets

By investing in some deep red or purple sheets (or whatever color you find sexy), you can take that utilitarian comforter off of the bed and have a perfect space for erotic exploration waiting for you, hidden from view when the space is doubling as an office, says Harrington.

3. Extra Drapery


Extra flat sheets or a few sumptuous fabrics printed with beautiful imagery can help transform even the tiniest of studio apartments into somewhere inspiring and take up almost no room when stored. "Clip the sheets to the top of the bookshelf or office area and cover all of the stress up, or even better, install some hanging wires with curtains that are fast to pull open or closed that changes the vibe in a hurry," says Harrington.

4. Choose One Color


Monochromatic is sexy, says nousDECOR Chief Designer Mark Cutler. Make everything in your apartment one color. Now, it might be shades of ones if you don’t want to commit all the way. But, hey that might just be your relationship issue, too!

5. Lose Bright Lighting


Dump the overhead light, says Cutler. You do not need unflattering shadows right now. Think about lots of small points of lights, so lamps with non-translucent shades, or uplights. "Candles, too, are always going to work, but invest in some great quality battery-operated ones, we do not need an inferno right now!" says Cutler.

6. Subtle Accents


When shopping for things like a decorative throw or pillows opt for fabrics that are easy to wash. You do not need to be driving up your dry cleaning bill any further. By the way, turning a pillow the other way round does not hide an embarrassing stain, says Cutler.

7. Layer scents


Soy-based candles and scents such as lavender (place fresh lavender in tiny cheese cloth pouches and place them throughout the bedroom) can open your senses and refresh your mind, says celebrity interior designer Cathy Hobbs. Use a spritz of a scent. "I love spraying a fresh scent in the room, including on linens in order to help create a sensual atmosphere," says Hobbs.

8. Place softness underfoot


There is nothing more sensual then a warm, snuggling texture underfoot. "Some of my go-to materials are cowhides and sheepskin!" says Hobbs.

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