Adam Lambert's "Ghost Town" Preview Proves He's Serious About That Whole "Less Is More" Thing — LISTEN

Believe it or not, we're only 14 days away from the debut of Adam Lambert's new single, "Ghost Town." Get excited! The 33-year-old singer told Billboard in March that he's learned over the past five years that "sometimes less IS more," and listening to the new "Ghost Town" snippet he posted on Instagram on Monday, you can definitely tell.

Though he has a reputation for being a vocal powerhouse, Lambert sounds delicate, fragile, and even a little bit vulnerable during the brief clip. He's using his voice in a way he hasn't often used it before. Of course, there's no doubt in my mind that we'll also hear Lambert belt like his life depends on it in "Ghost Town" — after all, it wouldn't truly be an Adam Lambert single if it didn't show off his impressive pipes — but now, he seems more committed to utilizing his entire vocal range and not just the top end. Talk about artistic growth!

At times, I think its necessary for pop stars to take things "back to basics," so to speak. What they're left with can be so much more powerful and so much more impressive than the vocal acrobatics and theatrics. Check out Lambert's second "Ghost Town" preview below.

Let's be honest: the next 14 days are going to feel like an eternity! "Ghost Town" can't come soon enough.

Image: adamlambert/Instagram; Alex Kritselis/Bustle