8 Organic, Affordable, and Completely Precious Etsy Beauty Shops

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I have kind of a major secret to share with you. The only reason it's even a secret is because we're all so susceptible to brands, marketing, and visuals, and so when I say "mascara," you say "Maybelline!" But I like you, I really do, so listen up: Etsy is bursting with the most adorable, well-meaning, organic, handmade, hand-harvested, passionate little indie beauty shops. And their prices are insane: a toner for $5? An organic eye cream for $9? You won't find prices this cheap outside of evil mega-stores like Walmart.

I really love the idea that applying body lotion or smoothing on a clay mask should be a quiet, personal, beautiful little ritual. So when the mask in question was made by a woman who picks and dries her own herbs, then mixes them carefully with gentle clays and essential oils? Swoon.

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