Freshly Picked's Spring 2015 Campaign Is Adorbs

Baby mamas everywhere, rejoice. You can dress your littles ones in outfits that are just as, if not more, stylish than yours, because Freshly Picked released a kid's clothing line and it is as adorable as you'd expect.

The lovable moccasin-making machine Susan Peterson began making mini moccasins for her own kids from leather scraps she had lying around the house. Her cute craft transformed into the Utah-based Freshly Picked, a business that supplies mocs to celeb babies like Ciara's and Kourtney Kardashian's kiddos. The cult-like craze around moccasins isn't cheap to buy into—the typical pair will set you back about $60. That's a high price point for little people who grow out of shoes almost as fast as they go through diapers. Luckily, the new clothing line comes at a lower cost with just as much cuteness as the mocs.

"It has provided an entry level piece for people to purchase," Petersen said, according to The Huffington Post. "So if you're a fan of the brand, but maybe a $60 pair of moccasins is kind of hard for you, there's a t-shirt for $20 or other things with a lower price point and you still feel like you can have a piece of the brand even if you don't have the moccasins."

Petersen commissioned artist Chris Crosby to create the bold and tropical prints, which pair perfectly with the range of summertime-toned moccs. The theme of the new line, Freshly Picked Tropics, was inspired by the palm tree of The Beverly Hills Hotel, according to Huffington Post. The line includes overalls, mocs, backpacks (stop!), onesies, shorts, and tops.

Even better than the designs is the direction of this ad campaign. Finally, we see that fashion and fun aren't just for a certain demographic: it's for everyone. The campaign features equally adorable babies of all races and a child with Down syndrome. Obviously, this is a brand that celebrates motherhood no matter what that looks like.

"Our brand is super diverse -- our customers are diverse, and we wanted them to be able to see their baby and something they identified with within our brand," Peterson said, according to Huffington Post.

That's damn good marketing there, Peterson. Motherhood is a big club, and we are glad you're making everyone feel a little more welcome. We are totally in love.

Now, make adult moccasins, please and thank you.

Images: Freshly Picked/Facebook (4)