Cher Horowitz Would Approve Of These 5 Trends

by Eliza Florendo

It's been two decades since we've been totally buggin' over Amy Heckerling's movie masterpiece: yes, Clueless turns 20 on July 19. There's no doubt that this cult-classic shaped the face of '90s fashion, with the barrage of plaid, knee-high stockings, and babydoll dresses. I mean, I was only four years old when it came out, but even I knew this ish was monumental.

But the importance of fashion wasn't the only thing Clueless taught me. I mean, I also learned that you should send yourself flowers in front of your crush. And the value of friendship, as shown by Cher and Dionne. She also showed me how to pull off the perfect match-making situation, a là Miss Geist and Mr. Hall. And most importantly, how to go about a proper makeover, montage and "Supermodel" playing in the background included.

Even today, I still dream of her virtual closet. When I'm all grown up (certainly isn't today), I'll definitely be installing that in my home (pending Sallie Mae doesn't rob me of every penny). Also, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate Dionne's planter hat.

So, to celebrate Clueless' ride into its twenties, here are five trends today that Cher Horowitz would totally wear to a party in the Valley, even if just to make an appearance.

1. The Sock and Sandal Trend

This is a hop, skip, and a jump away from her white knee-high stockings and silver mary jane combo.

2. The Classic Slip Dress

"What the hell is that?"

"A dress"

"Says who?"

"Calvin Klein."

Need we say more? The minimal slip dress is all the rage lately, from Urban Outfitters, to J. Crew, to Club Monaco.

3. The Sheer Trend

"Lucy, Lucy! Where is my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal?!" Cher looked divine in her argyle skirt and sheer white top. It's her most capable looking outfit!

4. The "Athleisure" trend

Remember Cher and Dionne's gym outfits? The tank top over the t-shirt look spread like wildfire, and the #athleisure trend is definitely Cher-approved.

5. Matching separates

Is there anything chicer than a matching separate? From a crop top and matching pencil skirt to a fitted blazer and trouser combination, it's the ultimate put-together look. And Cher would be all over this, with her iconic yellow plaid skirt and jacket combo.

Clueless' influence in style and fashion is undeniable, and even today, we can still see the movie's imprint in our biggest trends. Our hats off to you, Mona May, for creating the costume design of our adolescent (and adult) fantasy.

Images: Clueless; @prettygirlrockcollection, @hisssyfit, @scarletclothing, @modesportif,@shelbynicolegeorge,@shopentourageclothing /Instagram