Sophia Bush's Beauty Hacks Are Genius

Actress and environmental advocate Sophia Bush is no doubt beautiful, and now she's teaching us how to keep Mother Earth lookin' lovely, too. Sophia Bush shares her beauty secrets with Brit + Co., sharing her eco-friendly wisdom with all of us.

“Something that really excites me is the way you can change your daily routine [to go green]," she told B+C. "For me, it’s become about shortening showers, which feel no less luxurious or enjoyable. I keep myself on a clock so I’m relaxing but I’m also being efficient. It’s insane how you can actually see the benefits — not only in living greener, but in my water bill as well."

Bush isn't just efficient in the shower, she is also a smart multi-tasker when it comes to getting ready. Bush tells B+C, "My favorite little life hack in the morning when I wash my hair, is that I’ll put all my products in it and I’ll leave it alone. I’ll go grab my breakfast, make my coffee, throw a little makeup on, get dressed and by the time I’m turning my attention back to my hair it’s almost dry. I’ll do a quick blast with a blow dryer, a little heat styling if I need it.”

She also uses eco-friendly products, like hair and makeup brushes, in order to keep her beauty routine green. Speaking of green, she loves using natural oils for her skin. “I use an oil wash to take the makeup off, it’s incredible," she said. "It’s a game changer. Whether you’re using oil on your face or on your body, it’s so nourishing and so good for you."

In addition to short showers and an interest in solar energy, Bush keeps recyclable bags in an easy-to-grab place as a reminder to ditch the plastic whenever possible.

Want to read more about Sophia's beauty advice and hacks? Head over to Brit + Co. to read the entire interview.

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