Thoughts You Have When You're Getting A Bikini Wax

I don't get bikini waxes anymore since I've taken to waxing myself. It's harder to do the backside, but at least I don't have to make small talk with the strange woman ripping pubes off my vagina-space. This, in my book, makes self-yoga-waxing more than worth it. Buzzfeed has released a video of thoughts women have when they're getting a bikini wax, but I'm adding the addendum that these are thoughts you have the first time you get waxed. From experience, women who wax regularly don't think these thoughts at all once they get used to it. Meanwhile, when I first moved to the states from Australia, I learned that American women mostly SHAVE their bikini areas, which sounds absolutely insane to me. Why you'd put a blade that close to your most special bits, let alone on a frequent basis (because as we know shaved hair grows back faster than waxed hair) is beyond me.

The women in the video express worry about their private parts, allay themselves of their waxing fears, and worry that they look like infants. On the other hand, if you were me you'd be laying there praying the woman wouldn't speak to you, scrolling through Instagram, and putting together a mental to-do list for the rest of the day.

You can watch the full video below:

Meanwhile, here are five more thoughts you might have while getting waxed for the more seasoned salon frequenter:

1. "Please, please, please let's just do this in silence."

2. "Is this woman going to think I'm 15 years old if I start playing Candy Crush right now?"

3. "I could totally do this myself."

4. "I wonder if she's ever been kicked in the head."

5. "This isn't art, lady. Move it along!" (What? Sometimes the aesthetician is really slow!)

Images: YouTube; Giphy (5)