Kate Upton Never Okayed That 'Cat Daddy' Video

Kate Upton is pretty much certified as America's "Girl Next Door," with enviable curves and such a pretty face. Her rise in fashion, and the subsequent criticism she received, has been well-documented. As it turns out, Kate Upton got really famous thanks to Terry Richardson, the photographer who has been accused of body-shaming and sexually abusing models on shoots. According to Upton, he uploaded that famous video of her dancing... without her permission.

Back in May 2012, Richardson posted the Upton bikini dancing video, during which she did the "Cat Daddy" dance. It got millions of views because duh, Kate Upton is easy on the eyes and her grooving and grinding is hawt as hell. The video ultimately skyrocketed her to superstardom.

At first, Upton was miffed, according to Vogue UK, since the footage was shot for fun and never intended to go public — or to go viral, for that matter — as it did. Upton told Vogue that she did shake her finger at the bespectacled photog, saying, "Yes, I did. I was like, 'That was disrespectful, you could have told me!'"

Ick. That's a little unsettling. Even if it's the seat of her fame, Richardson still posted the video without asking and that's what gives me pause, regardless of all the other bad press and rumors that surround him. Bustle has reached out to Richardson's camp for comment and will update if they respond.


At least she confronted him, right? The model and actress admitted that she eventually got over her anger at his actions, saying, "Now, obviously, it's fine." Well, yeah, because it helped catapult her to fame.

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Richardson, for his part, didn't take credit for "making" Upton, saying she "was born a star." OK, so that much is true and he may have accelerated the process, but I do think it's a little weird that he uploaded the video without asking. At least it all worked out for the best, right?

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"My mum told me when I was younger that I could never raise my voice but I could always match a tone," Upton confessed to Vogue. Ah, so don't scream. Just be even and on the same level. That makes sense. The model continued, "I've kept that with me because, in fashion, there can be some heated moments. I'm never the one raising my tone, but I will match one."


Hmm. Maybe Upton was employing that philosophy when dealing with Richardson's actions? Maybe that explains why she seems to have had a calm response to the whole situation. Of course, only the model and famed photog know what really went down.


The "Cat Daddy" vid is below. Yes, Upton is having fun while shaking that thing, but perhaps because she could let loose knowing it wouldn't be a national phenomena.

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