'The Bachelor's Whitney Bischoff & Becca Tilley Are Still Friends & They're Not The Only Buddies To Originate On The Show

Surprisingly, some of the longest lasting relationships in Bachelor Nation aren't actually the romantic ones, but instead, the friendships. Even when a winning couple doesn't go the distance, the buddies contestants make on the show last forever. Sometimes, even the strangest Bachelor friendships blossom after the show has wrapped: I'm talking winners being friends with their fellow competitors. One such friendship is the one between recent The Bachelor winner Whitney Bischoff and runner-up Becca Tilley. In an interview with Us Weekly, Bachelor Chris Soules revealed that the two women are really close.

"I'm so glad they're friends," Soules told the magazine of Bischoff and Tilley. "It doesn't surprise me because I was pretty close to some guys that were dating Andi [Dorfman] when I was on The Bachelorette. I'm just glad they were able to keep their friendship, because they're great girls. That's what that experience was about. Meeting some really great people and having those friendships is important."

That's the magic of this show — it's just full of unlikely Bachelor buddies. Here are seven other friendships that originated in Bachelor Nation and ended up standing the test of time — even though they bloomed under unusual circumstances.

Andi Dorfman & Nikki Ferrell

Andi couldn't stand Juan Pablo, but she was BFFs with his girlfriend Nikki. How that worked without ruining their friendship, I'll never know. But I'm glad that even though JP and Nikki didn't work out, that Andi and Nikki are stil friends.

Sharleen Joynt & All the Ladies From Her Season

Everyone wants to be friends with this girl, but she's closest to Andi and Dog Lover Kelly Travis. Juan Pablo was terrible, but at least he brought all these women together.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. & Jef Holm

Arie was devestated when Emily Maynard sent him home and walked off with Jef instead. Even though they were in love with the same girl, though, they made their own bromance work.

Catherine Giudici & Lesley Murphy

These two competitors remained so close that Lesley was one of Catherine's bridesmaids! Lesley may not have won Sean Lowe's heart, but she and Catherine will be friends forever.

Chris Soules & Cody Sattler

They both had their hearts broken by Andi, but that only helped them bond. (Her season was basically like a huge college fraternity because all the guys were so close.) Cody is frequently hanging on Chris' farm and even helped him train for his season of The Bachelor. We can all thank Cody for those glorious Chris Soules abs.

Courtney Robertson & Jaclyn Swartz

During her time on Ben Flajnik's season, very few people liked Courtney. But now that time has gone by, the Season 16 winner has rekindled a friendship with Jaclyn from her show. She even let her former competitor write a section of her recent book.

Elan Gale & Everyone

This Bachelor producer is doing things right because he's BFFs with basically everyone who's ever been on the show. I don't blame them. One look at that hair of his, and I want to be his friend too.

Image: ABC