Hillary Clinton + 'Veep' Have The Same MUA

There might be a political scandal that starts on the small screen and bleeds into real life. Barbara Lacy, Hillary Clinton's longtime makeup artist, also does work on Veep, just not on Julia Louis-Dreyfus' blissfully self-absorbed and self-motivated president Selina Meyer. According to Allure, who got the scoop from JL-D, Lacy may be switching her focus to Hil and Hil alone, if the former First Lady and ex-Secretary of State embarks on a presidential campaign to take over for her former boss Barack Obama.

Female political candidates actually really rely on their makeup artists for a variety of key reasons. Perception is reality and presentation is key, so how a campaigning candidate shows herself to her constituents is a top-level priority. If a candidate looks tired, worn-out, or unhealthy, it doesn't bode well for their prospects. Voters may not want to place their trust about critical local and national government concerns in someone who can't even take care of themselves. So making sure a political candidate looks her/his (yes, male politicians need makeup TLC, too) best is mission critical for a makeup artist.

Since Clinton always looks so polished, perhaps Lacy should be serving the fictional Selina Meyer, who is now the president on Veep(and thankfully not IRL). Is Selina Meyer going to have to fight Hillary Clinton for her MUA?

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I kid! But whatever the case, any political candidate can do a slew of makeup-related things to help her cause, since all eyes are on her. And you know, most of these tips can be applied to a more corporate job interview scenario, as well, so if that's in your future, pay attention.


Political makeup artists have shared a bunch of trade secrets, as well! The piece is a bit old, but many of the tips still apply, along with these updates. If you want to pursue a political and professional career, you should keep all of this stuff filed in your brain's hard drive.

1. Smile Naturally


A big, toothy grin that looks forced or plastered is so not a good idea. You want people to believe what you say and a fake smile is the first way to get them questioning your intentions and your authenticity.

2. "No Makeup" Makeup


Another way to look natural and relatable is to go with the "no makeup" makeup look. Don't pile on shadow or foundation, covering up the "real" you. A light touch and accentuating your eyes and lips in a soft, confident way is the best course of action. You want people to see you, not the product. Wear the makeup; don't let it wear you.

3. Pick A Feature And Spotlight It

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Go with one feature that you want to be a signature and spotlight it. There's nothing wrong with a hallmark that gets voters to remember who you are as they sift through the political ether. For Selina x JL-D, her thick, dark, glossy hair seems to be the focal point.

You want to present your best, most real you, without going overboard.

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