Girl On Spring Break Completely Freaks Out While Getting "Attacked" By A Menacing Manatee — VIDEO

Today in gross overreactions, this girl goes crazy when a manatee swims near her. She's just hanging out (with a selfie stick?) in what looks like a very lovely lake when she absolutely loses her mind over a manatee, minding its own manatee business, swimming right by her. Look, I get that it must be creepy to be swimming along and see a giant grey thing coming towards you in the water, but as soon as you figure out it's a lazy, old manatee and not a human-eating shark, surely your initial panic would wear off? Who doesn't know that manatees are altogether the least terrifying creatures in the water? Apparently not this girl, who continues to scream, making strange guttural noises, and generally freaking out as the manatee SWIMS RIGHT BY HER. It doesn't even come at her. It probably barely even notices her. Or it did notice her, heard her voice, and opted out of the whole situation because it just couldn't even with her.

Meanwhile, the girl's friends, who appear to be on a boat, don't help the situation as they also stand by screaming their asses off. I honestly can't comprehend why these girls' minds aren't pleasantly blown by seeing an endangered animal in the wild. There are people whose job it is to try and get this close to animals in their natural habitats. And this girl is acting like Patrick Bateman is chasing her with a chainsaw.

Katie Gingrich on YouTube

Here are some facts about manatees, in case you still feel like her freakout was an appropriate reaction to seeing one in the wild:

1. Manatees are herbivores

So unless that girl is made of plant, she's safe.

2. Manatees are known for their gentle nature


3. Manatees love to play, body surf and barrel roll in the water

Sounds like the behavior of a cold blooded killer!

4. Manatees are very slow

So even if one did go against every basic natural instinct it had and attacked a human, it would be easy to get away.

5. Manatees are adorable

I mean... Look at it! LOOK AT IT. Get it together, girl.

Images: psyberartist/Flickr; Giphy (5)