How Cedarwood Essential Oil Could Save Your Hair

In aromatherapy, cedarwood is known for its calming, sedating effects on the mind. Now, this giant tree is starting to be included in more and more natural beauty products because of the soothing effects cedarwood essential oil has on hair and skin. While there are several types of cedar trees, the health benefits of the essential oil remain the same regardless of the type. Cedar trees are plentiful in North America and the extraction process for procuring their essential oil is relatively easy, so this one natural beauty product that's actually pretty affordable. This precious oil is made from the wood chips and sawdust of cedar trees and then bottled up for our pleasure, literally.

It isn't a surprise to me that the times I've felt most peaceful have been running through the woods in New Hampshire, weaving in between the large cedar trees that were bigger than any problem I couldn't solve. Now, being allergic to most living things, the woods can be a dangerous place for me: Bees would tempt my death, pollen would clog my nasal passage, but cedar always gave me peace of mind. So, of course, when cedarwood essential oil starting popping up everywhere, I couldn't wait to try it out.

Cedarwood has toning, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic qualities and has been used as an effective agent to treat minor wounds. Pure forms of cedar oil contains vitamins A, B, C, E, and F. According to Natural News, cedarwood essential oil has astringent properties that are effective in caring for oil, acne-prone skin. One of the most common places to find cedarwood over the counter is when looking for a natural aftershave — not only does cedarwood have an androgynous scent, but those calming effects on bumps, pimples, and oil production are a great way to solve razor burn, among other things.

According to Organic Facts, cedarwood is an emenagogue which basically means it can bring your period, regulate your period, and even alleviate fatigue and PMS. Now, while you may have doubts that a tree can help your period woes, remember that the advantage of trying out natural products outweigh the disadvantages tremendously, and you just may solve those hormonal outbreaks that your period rudely brings to you each month. No guarantees, but it's worth a harmless shot.

Personally, I love the smell of cedar and it blends well with my favorite essential oils. Here are a couple of ways I'm using cedar to restore order in my beauty routine.

Hair Serum

When I had straight hair, I relied completely on hair serums to add shine and protect my hair from the heat of a blow dryer. I may not be taking a flat-iron to my hair these days, but all hair deserves a healthy shine. According to sources at Web MD, cedarwood essential oil can promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp. This hair serum is super easy to make: Just use about 20 drops of cedarwood, 12 drops of clary sage essential oil and fill a tinted vial with jojoba oil. Apply on dry or wet hair before you hit the heat or when you need the perfect sheen to last all day.

Face Tonic

Not going to lie, this face tonic is kinda off the hook. As someone who seems to only break out the week before my period, concocting a tonic that I can use in between face cleansing was long overdue. This tonic has essential oils that are known to control hormonal acne. Use 1 tablespoon of vodka, 15 drops of cedarwood, 10 drops of geranium, and 8 drops of clove essential oil. Next, fill a dark container (I use a container with a pump cap) with filtered water. The water will keep your skin hydrated while the oils will give you astringent properties that will freshen up your face.

Image: saintbob, Charles Knowles/Flickr; Giphy