Marilyn Manson Get Punched At Denny's & 7 More Celeb Fast Food Restaurant Shenanigans

This proves it once and for all: nothing good happens late night at Denny's. Supposedly, Marilyn Manson got punched in the face at Denny's in the wee morning hours this past weekend. Is it too much to ask to simply enjoy your Grand Slam in peace? Can he live guys?!?!?

The incident went down at an Alberta, Canada location of the diner chain on April 5, at approximately 2:45 a.m., which, for all intents and purposes, is the witching hour. Just saying. Odds are that if you're swinging by Denny's to pick up a bite to eat at this time, you will participate in, or at least see, one fight. Because drunk people. Of course.

A rep for the Lethbridge Regional Police told E! News that "three people had been involved in a physical altercation and sustained minor injuries" at the Denny's restaurant in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. TMZ reported that Manson, who is alleged to be one of these three people, was sucker punched in the face after he allegedly called some dude's girlfriend a "bitch." Manson's manager has since spoken to TMZ, denying that the singer said anything derogatory and claiming that the attack was unprovoked. By Manson's manger's account, he was just taking a picture with some fans, and all of a sudden, some dude just decked him in the face. He reportedly intends to press charges.

Believe it or not, this is just the latest story in a rich history of celebrities getting caught in/causing ridiculous situations at fast food restaurants. Let's take a look back through the annals of famous people and their various shenanigans at chain eateries.

Courtney Love Exposes Breasts At Wendy's c. 2004

As Rolling Stone reports, C. Love rolled into a New York Wendy's one morning without shoes and proceeded to free her nipples. Later on, someone was photographed with their mouth on said nipples. If you must see it, be my guest, but note that the picture is obviously NSFW.

Kid Rock Vs. Random Waffle House Customer c. 2007

This is terrifying, but somehow not surprising. Kid Rock was arrested on misdemeanor battery charges after he and his handlers allegedly beat up a man at an Atlanta Waffle House back in '07. The victim decided to press charges and a jury ruled that Kid Rock would pay him $40,000 in damages. Thus, justice waffles were served with a side of sausage patties.

Ashlee Simpson Hassles McDonald's Customers & Employees c. 2009

Early one morning in 2009, the moon was shining bright in the sky, young lovers were exchanging late night confidences, and Ashlee Simpson was wreaking havoc on a Canadian Mickey D's. The video above shows Simpson causing trouble for one unsuspecting employee and demanding to talk to her manager. At one point, she tells someone "No. I will not take a picture with you. You would not kiss my foot. So f--k you!" Luv ya too, Ash!

Homeless Man Pushes Nicky Hilton At IHOP c. 2009

In the grand tradition of late night disasters transpiring at chain pancake houses, Nicky Hilton was pushed by a homeless man when leaving a Los Angeles International House of Pancakes one morning at 5 a.m. in '09. According to Today, she was heard saying "I'm placing you under citizen's arrest," before authorities apprehended the man. YIKES!

Charlie Sheen Goes To Taco Bell c. 2014

One Charlie Sheen fan met the man himself at, arguably, the best locale possible: the Taco Bell drive-thru. Sheen actually got out of his car and walked up to the dude, introduced himself, and apologized for being "f--king hammered." This proves it. Taco Bell puts everyone in a better mood.

Jamie Lynn Spears Wields Knife In The Name Of Harmony At Pita Pit c. 2014

Here comes Zoey 101 to save the day! Back in December 2014, the younger Spears sister broke up a fight at a Louisiana Pita Pit. How did she stop said fight? By going behind the counter, picking up a knife, and pointing it at the brawlers, of course. It got the job done.

Kanye West Makes Nando's Counter Into His Own Stage c. 2015

One night in February, Yeezus gave the customers of a Nando's, a British fast food joint, an unexpected photo-op when he jumped on the counter. Seems like a nice gesture, but I'm a little grossed out by the presence of shoes on a food surface. Ew.

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