Jeans With Crystal Healing Properties? Sign Me Up

Jeans are pretty basic, right? You've got your standard styles such as skinny, boyfriend, and ripped, but from a creative standpoint, there's not much you can play around with. So what's the next big thing in denim? Well, one British brand has found a way to make jeans way less boring — Blaak is launching denim with embedded healing crystals, making for a truly unique upgrade to the been there, done that garment.

The lapis lazuli crystals are embedded right into the print of the jeans and also woven into the pants, blending seamlessly with the material, according to The gorgeous metallic blue stones are meant to "restore the energy fields of the wearer" reports, aiding in connecting you with your inner spirituality. Um, where do I get a pair?! I need this in my life, like now.

Cofounder Aaron Sharif tells, “We started with lapis lazuli because it opens up your communication and it allows for you to find your true purpose in life, it’s a confidence builder." Sharif explains that “Lapis lazuli makes you feel more grounded,” WWD reported. Jeans that help you get zen? Sign me up!

Personally, I am really into spirituality and balancing your energies. I immerse myself in anything and everything having to do with getting centered and with getting in touch with your deep sense of self, and I'm really proud of that. You may think that Sharif's promise of "finding your true purpose in life" is kind of a stretch, and indeed it may be, but in no way is it an impossibility. Truth is, connecting with your energy fields and with your spirituality can create a ripple effect of positive events in your life — I speak from experience.

Whether you're a believer or not, this concept is undeniably cool, and definitely like nothing else out there. Currently, Blaak is offering only men's styles on their site come late May, but fingers crossed for women's jeans soon!

How gorgeous are these?!

Image: atyananazarenko