Is Amy Schumer Dating Anyone? She's A Catch By Anyone's Standards

My first guess is that a lot of people would want to date Amy Schumer. She's hilarious, incisive, sexy, and by all appearances, a rich person, so I'd imagine that dudes are lining up. She's had a few relationships in the public eye, most notably with fellow comedian Anthony Jeselnik, but what's going on now? Is Amy Schumer dating anyone?

Schumer has been on and off with Jeselnik since about 2009, as she told Cosmopolitan in a 2013 interview. As you may remember, he had his own Comedy Central show called The Jeselnik Offensive, which was a Real Time With Bill Maher-style show in which comics weighed in on the week's news. In a 2012 interview with Howard Stern, Schumer discussed having recently reunited with ex Jeselnik, and that they were in love. GAWW! Sweet!

So, what's the deal? Are they still together? At the time that Schumer spoke to Cosmo, she and Jeselnik had just broken up. But the thing about on-again-off-again situations is that getting back together is almost an inevitability. All it takes is one tipsy booty call text, and things are back on. However, in a January 2015 article with Entertainment Weekly, Jeselnik is identified as her ex-boyfriend.

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So who else has she dated? During one of her off-periods with Jeselnik, Schumer dated WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler, which she admits to in the Stern interview. Is it possible that she's talking to him again?

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Hmm... it seems unlikely. She told Stern that she and the wrestler broke up because "the sex was too athletic." Yeah. Seems like something you probably wouldn't wanna go back to for more than a one-night stand.

So what now? She probably isn't with Ziggler or Jeselnik, but let's check out her Instagram to see if we can find any clues. This picture is rather boyfriend/girlfriendy. Although it is captioned, "Merry Xmas to my partner is [sic] all crimes @mugsykane love you you piece a s--t."

Who is this dapper mystery man? It would appear to be Kevin Kane, one of the producers on Inside Amy Schumer . I can't confirm they're dating for sure — I mean, it's not like she's ever talked about this in interviews — but I can confirm that they once went to a Billy Joel concert together. A rather coupley thing for two people to do. Well, maybe I'm reaching...

It's possible that Schumer is romantically involved with Kane, but I could be trying to 'ship where there is no 'ship. If I had to make a judgment call at the moment, I would say that Schumer appears to be single. But if and when the news breaks that she and this tall, dark drink o' water are dating, I called it.

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