This Show Needs A LEGO Set

Can I have your attention, please? This is directed at everyone with a keen sense of humor and an appreciation of classic television: Apparently, there could potentially be a Golden Girls LEGO set coming to a toy store near you. Yes, it does sound too good to be true — but believe it, because production is really pending. (And no, I won’t have any shame over playing with it on my living room floor if it does end up hitting shelves.)

According to E! Online, all fans of the show and amazing LEGO sets in general have to do is "vote for it at the LEGO Ideas site." If it gets enough votes, it wins — and life gets a little more amazing.

It shouldn’t be too hard to get this idea rolling, considering how many people still love and appreciate the Golden Girls even 25 years after it ended. But, I’m greedy and paranoid and so if this doesn’t come to fruition or if it doesn’t fulfill my aching Golden Girls-less heart, I came up with a solution. Basically, I took it upon myself to make up a few more toys or games that are Golden Girls themed, because, ya know, there’s strength in numbers... and one of them's bound to get made, right?

Check out the following potential Golden Girls toys and games:

Dolls with pull strings that say catchphrases like:


How is this not a thing already?

An Easybake oven that only yields a very tiny cheesecake

For when you're in a pinch and only a questionable, light bulb-baked dessert will do.

St. Olaf: Fact or Fiction? Trivia Game

Did Rose say it or is it a completely fabricated story? Or... is it both?!

Don't Go to Shady Pines! Board Game

Navigate mid-1980's to early-1990's Miami as a wisecracking geriatric without being sent to the nursing home by your fed-up adult daughter.


Shut the door in his face before he can try and manipulate his way back into your life!

Devereaux Against Humanity

New card prompts and quips from a witty, unabashedly inappropriate queen.

Images: Giphy (5); mrsgrumpygills/Tumblr (2); mariaslittlestuff/Tumblr (1); the-goldengirls/Tumblr (4)