Anna Wintour Is All About Hot Male Swimsuit Models

Whoa, now — Vogue's famously icy editor-in-chief is getting a little scandalous! At the Jeffrey Fashion Cares fundraiser to benefit the LGBTQ community and HIV/AIDS causes, Anna Wintour brought up male swimsuit models, and she was not opposed to marveling in their glory. Granted, the comment wasn't out of the blue because Jeffrey Kalinsky's annual event does involve a men's fashion show (and it's generally not a very modest affair), but still.

"Yes, yes, [Jeffrey] told me lots of bathing suits," Wintour told Fashionista about the show. "Oh, it’s going to be great." And indeed it was. Well, probably. I wasn't invited. Psh, fashion elite only?! Anyway, I am definitely not used to hearing things like this from Wintour, but I can get on board with the Brit's cheeky new vibe (well, cheeky for her, at least.)

I'm not saying she's wrong, of course — in the same way I will envy a female swimsuit model's physique, I will ogle at a male's. And if appreciating a toned, sexy dude makes me a bad feminist for "objectifying" men (for the record, I don't think it does, and I don't think I am) then so be it. Because at least Anna and I are on the same page. Except, y'know, she actually got to witness the show.

What do you think, Anna? Our birthdays are a month apart — high-fashion Chippendale's show to celebrate, perhaps? Just let me know.

Image: Giphy