10 Reasons Bartenders Make The Best Partners, Because Who Doesn't Want Good Sex, Romance, And Free Drinks?

Bartenders have been dubbed fantasies every since Tom Cruise tossed bottles like a bonafide rock star behind the bar in Cocktail. And let's be honest, probably even before then. There's just something about them — bartenders are hot. Maybe it's the fact they always appear to be in control, and frankly are when it comes to your night out. Or maybe it's because there's something rather elusive about them. Or then again, it could be because they're serving you things that tend to cloud your judgement.

Whatever the reason, they undoubtedly spark a certain desire from deep within. However, because of their profession —you know, the one that basically requires them to be out all night and flirt — many may assume that bartenders don't make the most suitable partners.

Well let us just stop you right there! They're not all womanizers like Sam Malone from Cheers (although, come on, it was 80s Ted Danson. Makes sense).

On the contrary, bartenders have the makings to be above-average partners, and we have 10 reasons to prove it.

1. They're attentive

Similar to a hairdresser, bartenders borderline double as therapists. They know just by the look on your face you had a bad day at work and could use a free shot.

They're excellent listeners and have also seen and heard it all, so will likely have some decent advice.

2. They know when to cut you off

It's their job to know this, and that can translate well into a relationship. Case in point: next time you're at a party -- or knee-deep in night out -- with your bartender significant, he/she will know exactly when you're straddling the line between tipsy and face plant... and subsequently point you in the right direction.

3. They're awesome in bed

We hardly think we even need to elaborate here as this is pretty much a given. For one, they're confident. Bartenders are used to getting hit on — a lot, in fact — and the best ones easily take control of situations.

And when the "situation" is sex... well, it's pretty hot.

4. They're good conversationalists

No one can small talk like a bartender. In fact, the better the bartender the more verbal ping pong they can play.

Remember, their goal is to to charm you. And they will.

5. They're probably hot

Actually, not even probably. They just are.

6. Free drinks!

Hey guess what? When your boyfriend or girlfriend works at bar, odds are they'll —shocker! — treat you and your friends to a few rounds. Congratulations: you just became the most popular person ever.

7. They work most nights

You know those nights you just want check out, order Thai food and watch reruns of Vanderpump Rules? Those nights are very possible when you date someone who works regularly during the nocturnal hours.

8. They're generous

If there's one golden rule that isn't lost on a bartender it's this: Tip others as you'd want to be tipped.

People in service industry have special bonds with each other, and like to give back. So when you're out with your bartender bae you may notice he's

9. They're a great date

A bartender knows how to work a room, and any event you bring your bartender to, we can almost guarantee he/she will be swarmed by the other guests. Why? Because a bartender's job is interesting, and it's one of those professions you often hear people say "Man, I wish I did that at one point in my life."

Plus, if the actual bartender at whatever party this is sucks at making Moscow Mules, your guy or gal can step right in like a hero.

10. They're romantics

Not to go back to Cocktail, but totally to go back to Cocktail, bartenders have dreams. Often times, slinging cocktails is financially supporting them while they work to achieve other goals.

Whether this it to write screenplay, open their own bar (hello, Steve Brady from Sex and the City!), or to put themselves through business school like Tom Cruise's little Brian Flanagan did, they're optimistic, whimsical, and intuitive... and nothing is more romantic than that.

Images: CEBImagery/Flickr; Tumblr