Her Style Allows For Mountain Climbing On The Fly

In today's installment of "where are your parents?!", we're discussing a) randomly choosing to venture out into wilderness and b) the clothes you need to do so. In an interview with Billboard, Willow Smith called her style "high-fashion nomad," meaning she needs to be able to climb a mountain in what she wears — literally. Ohhhkayyy?

"I could literally climb a mountain and survive a couple nights in nature," said Smith. (Oh, yeah, me too. Not.) "That's a requirement for my clothes because one day I was on the freeway and I saw a mountain, so I literally just pulled over and climbed it." As one does when you see a mountain, naturally. Um, hello, Will and Jada, are you reading this? That seems a bit dangerous.

Not everything Willow said regarding her style was so odd (much unlike that bizarre-o interview she gave with brother Jaden in the New York Times last November): "If you're an artist, the way you dress also gives people a vibe of how your music is and your personality," she told Billboard. Now that I can understand.

I assume Willow doesn't shop at REI for her high-tech mountaineering gear, but if she's really serious about this whole "making it in nature" thing, she might wanna stop by her local outdoorsy retailer. Having a carabiner and a headlamp on hand seems like it would bode well for her.

Oh, and perhaps a pair of sneakers because these shoes look a little too dangerous to climb, well, anything.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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