Kim's Makeup Artist Dishes Contouring Secrets

by Alexa Tucker

Take a break from the highlighting and shadowing for a hot sec: Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Rob Scheppy talked contouring with The Cut, and there are some great takeaways if you're an aspiring "kontour" queen like the reality star. But you know what? There are some good things to note if you aren't, too.

"You start off with [what] your skin tone is," says Scheppy. "Then you define, contour, enhance, and highlight. The contour would be a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. The highlight shade would be a shade or two lighter." Don't use an actual highlighter or luminizer, though, The Cut clarifies. "Then it's the art of the blending it together so it graduates — or has an ombré effect, where it goes from light to dark but looks seamless," Scheppy continues. Read: blend the lines.

As handy as his tips are, it's important to note that the technique isn't "one-size-fits-all," says Scheppy. "It is not for everyone, as not everyone needs it. Everyone can benefit from it, but it doesn't mean using it on all ten parts of your face.... Contouring should be customized to the individual."

Whether you're pro or anti-contour, it's important to go with what feels comfortable. "If you can rock it, and you want to do it, then do it. And be proud of it! That’s who you are. Or if you’re the opposite, where you don’t wear makeup and you’re just not part of that game, then that’s also okay...Just do you!"

So no worries if contouring isn't your thing — after all, I think the Kardashian krew does enough for all of us.