Lauren Conrad's Minnie Collection Is Adorable

Lauren Conrad is at it again. If her Cinderella collection at Kohl's wasn't enough, and you're someone who loves Disney despite being a full-fledged grown-up, you're going to love her latest line: Lauren Conrad is releasing a new Minnie Mouse line with Kohl's and yes, it's as adorable as it sounds. It's a collection full of fun, yet stylish ensembles inspired by none other than the classic lady-mouse, Minnie!

LC's Cinderella Collection was unveiled right at the time of the opening of Cinderella in theaters to remind us all what it feels like to dress like a princess. Now, the star and fashionista continues to feed into our childhood dreams, choosing Minnie Mouse as the muse for her new line.

The collection will consist of several Minnie designs for tees, blouses, skirts, and dresses. Of course, it wouldn't be a Minnie Mouse collection without the infamous mouse ears, a vibrant red hue, and polka dots. If you're one to always sport graphic tees of old characters, then you're going to love each piece of this girly collection. However, the pieces are way more fashionable than your typical cartoon-laden apparel, thanks to Conrad's elegant touch. Minnie Mouse's details are definite, yet subtle throughout the pieces, so you don't even have to be a huge Disney fan to appreciate how cute the collection is.

Perhaps the best part about this entire collection are the campaign photos starring Lauren Conrad. Conrad sports a bold red lip and her perfect beachy bob while modeling pieces from the line. And, of course, she completes the look with a pair of Minnie Ears.

The line be available at Kohl's on May 10. We're marking our calendars already!

Images: Getty Images; Kohl's (3)