Hudgens Doubles As A Makeup Artist On Broadway

Vanessa Hudgens has officially completed the transition from High School Musical star to serious actress. Last night, Hudgens made her Broadway debut as Gigi, a musical set in La Belle Epoque-era Paris where Hudgens’ character searches for love, finding herself in the process. Hudgens recently revealed in her Vogue Diaries, that she does all of her makeup for the show, which is rather impressive. Do you think someone gave her a tutorial?

It turns out that it’s pretty standard for Broadway actresses to do their own makeup for shows—Hudgens captioned her Instagram photo with “So on Broadway, everyone does their own makeup. This is me at work!”—but it’s almost shocking that an actress like Hudgens wouldn’t have a makeup artist brought in. We're sure Hudgens doesn't need much help anyways from all those years sitting pretty in a makeup chair. If you follow her on Instagram, you know she's a total pro when it comes to bold lips and perfect cat-eye liner! Luckily, Hudgens doesn’t have to do her own hair, since you can imagine how difficult it would be to achieve a 19th-century updo without being able to see the back of your head.

Following her Gigi transformation, Hudgens shared more super cute pictures of her and her co-stars before, during, and after the show. Hudgens looks absolutely adorable, which is nothing new. Below are 5 of Hudgens’ most adorable Broadway moments.

1. Hudgens looks adorable with bangs and a straw hat backstage

2. Here she is just being her gorgeous self as she gets her hair done pre-show

3. Hudgens looks precious as always while she works on her makeup last minute

4. She looks so cute (and happy) next to co-star Corey Cott

5. That's a wrap! It doesn't get more fabulous than this!

Images: VanessaHudgens_Fashion/Instagram (3), Michael Stars/Instagram, Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram