11 Benefits Of Going To College Close To Home

Leaving for college is kind of a big deal. You're away from home for the first time. You're expected to act like a responsible adult during the day and wake up early for class, feed yourself, and do your schoolwork without anyone supervising you. And then at night you can finally break all the rules your parents set at home. But in some cases, there are reasons to go to college close to home, especially that first year of school. This is a whole new world, and it can be intimidating, especially without all the comforts of your childhood home surrounding you.

Having home close by can provide all sorts of sanity-saving perks. You still have the benefit of nurturing your independence by living on your own, but you can also easily flock to your parental nest when you're in need of familiar surroundings. You don't need to be hours away to achieve that balance either. Even just an hour is a safe buffer to keep parents and high school friends from popping in frequently and unexpectedly. You could go to school anywhere in the world, but choosing a school within the same state or general area of your hometown is the key to freshman year success. Here are all the reasons going to college close to home is the best decision you will ever make.

1. Because sometimes you need real food

In college, your diet will consist of Easy Mac, ramen, cheap takeout, and dining hall cuisine that's barely a step up from your high school hot lunch line. Basically, the food situation is rather grim. Every once in a while, you need a heaping dish of your mom's lasagna, or even just a salad with real veggies. Your stomach will be eternally grateful.

2. Because college can be seriously stressful

New people, roommates without basic manners, tests, essays — UGH. Things can quickly become too much to handle, and during those times it's handy to have an escape into a land of zen. Your childhood home will give that to you.

3. Because you'll have a TON of distractions

There will always be a party keeping you from studying, even if it's just a bunch of people drinking in the room down the hall. That won't happen at your parents' place though. All is quiet on the home front, should you want to make a quick visit.

4. Because most dorm rooms are way too small

Can you even do simple stretches in your dorm room without touching the wall or bumping into your roommate's junk? Probably not. Instead of letting the cramped space drive you bananas, head back to the spacious sanctuary your parents gave you growing up.

5. Because roommates can be awful

They will leave dirty underwear out in the open. They will microwave things like broccoli and fish sticks, that will inevitably funk up the joint. To be fair, this is probably everyone's first time living in a shared space that doubles as an office and kitchen, so it equally sucks for everyone involved. Take a break, and go back to your room at home where there won't be any microwavable fish sticks to be found.

6. Because there's nothing more satisfying than falling asleep in your own bed

Even if you might have the same size bed at home as in your dorm room, it's just different when the sleeping space is your own.

7. Because sometimes you just need a hug from mom

It's true. And she will always be down to give that to you.

8. Because college laundry facilities suck

But the one at home has zero lines, and nobody will carelessly toss your stuff aside if you leave it in the machine one minute after the dryer is done.

9. Because Skyping just isn't the same

You can stay in touch with everyone you love over Skype, but it's just so much more satisfying to see them in person.

10. Because your parents miss you

Every second you're away, they are thinking about you. The least you can do is visit every now and then.

11. Because it's truly having the best of both worlds

You get to live on your own during the week and find out what it's like to be a real adult, and then you can still go home on the weekends and have your sandwiches made and laundry folded for you. It's sort of the best.

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