Jon Stewart Just Ripped 'Rolling Stone' Apart

Jon Stewart is not happy with the outcome of the Rolling Stone controversy. A Columbia University report published Sunday found that the magazine failed virtually every stage of the editorial process in regards to the highly controversial UVA sexual assault story. As a result of the scathing report, Rolling Stone was forced to retract the piece, but its staff, including the author and editors of the now discredited UVA story, haven't been fired — until now. Watch as Jon Stewart makes a citizen's firing of the Rolling Stone staff in a segment called "Fact-ish" on his latest episode of The Daily Show.

Among its many findings, the report, which was compiled by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, found that the author made insufficient effort to contact the accused for their side of the story, relying almost entirely on Jackie's account against the advice of the fact-checkers. Because of this carelessness, one person's attempt to come forward with her assault story has essentially been discredited, and we may never know what really happened with Jackie that night.

This is why Stewart is angry — not because he wants to see Rolling Stone fail, but because the magazine failed young women. If the magazine had followed the proper editorial procedures, the story could have been groundbreaking for dealing with sexual assault on campuses. Instead, it "set the cause back."

Stewart opens his segment by pointing out other times Rolling Stone showed questionable judgment.

That's right. It turns out that Rolling Stone, the magazine that gave five stars to the most recent U2 album, may not be the most reliable source of information.

After recapping the magazine's royal screw-up, he reveals the even more shocking news that nobody on staff was fired for it.

This is not how it works. If nobody else has the guts to do it, I'll fire them. I'm making a citizen's firing!How could there be no consequences for an error of this magnitude?

Apparently, the magazine's publisher, Jann Wenner, believes that the report itself is their punishment.

The report is not punishment at all. It is a list of things, in many circumstances, people would be punished for. You're missing the ever-crucial sentencing phase. "The court finds you guilty, so ... let's all go get some Italian ices ..." No!

Stewart points out that the magazine is treating the issue as if it were a typo.

You can't just deal with it by issuing a correction, like the time you spelled Ke$ha's name with an ampersand instead of a cash money sign.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this entire ordeal is that campus rape is rampant and there are so many more stories out there, but Rolling Stone focused on one and handled it poorly.

Somehow, in a sea of verifiable assaults, you managed to Where's Waldo the only rape story that would not only fail to get your point across but set the cause back ... someone's gotta go.

Images: The Daily Show/Comedy Central