9 Coachella-Worthy Hairstyles To Rock

Whether you're a proud Williamsburg-ite with a long-standing place in the VIP sector of Governor's Ball or a seasonal Palm Springs vacationer who hasn't missed Coachella since high school, your most beloved time of year is finally here. Time to practice those effortlessly cool Coachella hairstyles and fetch your Levi cutoffs, Mara Hoffman bikinis, and jaunty taupe fedoras, because festival season is fast approaching. And no music fest is more notorious or influential than Coachella, where adherence to the bohemian dress code is an unspoken rite of entry, and newcomers can be spotted a mile away from their unadventurous attire.

However, your chosen hairstyle for the festival circuit often says more about your understanding of the culture than rocking the right pair of booties or cross-body bag. After all, a paisley maxi dress and gladiator sandals don't evoke the festival spirit if paired with perfectly coiffed ringlets or an impossibly smooth blowout. Idiosyncrasy and a certain roughness are standard for festival hair, and for a good reason; tossing your locks to your favorite tunes for hours, baking in the sunlight, and accidentally catching the occasional spray of a beer can or soda will wilt even the most concrete of hairdos. This year, attempt a coiff that is more imaginative than your average forehead band and bedhead combination. You may find the look suits your free-spirited Coachella persona better than any glossy blowout ever could. Read on for nine Coachella-worthy hairstyles to emulate this year from the reigning monarchs of music festival style.

1. The Tousled Curl Updo

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Low-maintenance and alluring all at once, a tousled curl updo like Vanessa Hudgens' will keep unwieldy locks off of your face while suggesting a certain romantic insouciance. Add definition to pre-existing curls or waves with a one-inch curling iron, and use bobby pins to secure small sections of the hair in the style of a rumpled french twist.

2. The Fedora-Topped Bedhead

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If you wake up with a mussed, bed-headed 'do, simply pop on a fedora and dub the look "Rocker Chic" a la Kate Moss. If your locks are especially sullied, massage a dusting of dry shampoo into your roots for added volume and decreased shine.

3. The Braided Backswept Updo

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Festival weather is often unpredictable, so selecting a style that is relatively weather-proof will save you from a mid-concert meltdown should the temperature increase or a sudden rainstorm occur. A style like Kate Bosworth's braided updo is beautifully intricate, and won't migrate in harsh weather conditions if you give the coiff a spritz of strong-hold hairspray before heading out the door.

4. The Wavy Crop


If you choose to fully embrace the Coachella spirit, look no further than Kristen Stewart's defiant, waved crop for inspiration. A palmful of volumizing mousse and a round brush will give you a similarly blithe look in minutes.

5. The Wet-Look Blowout


Between perspiration and the airborne drinks that always seem to accompany well-attended concerts, your hair will likely be damp by the time you make your way home, so why not embrace the look with a gelled blowout? Simply straighten your hair, and smooth a small pump of gel through the crown to achieve a streamlined style.

6. The Embellished Braid


No style could be more fitting for long hours of drinking and dancing in the sun than a simple braid. Take Katy Perry's lead and add an embellished comb or bobby pin for a modernized take on the traditional style.

7. The Floral Milkmaid Braid

Vince Bucci/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Rachel McAdams demonstrates the simple sophistication of a milkmaid braid, a style that is made more beguiling by the addition of a single bloom tucked behind the ear.

8. The Printed Headscarf

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When an unruly hair day looms, the solution need not involve a counterattack with heat tools and hairspray. Loosely knotting a printed silk scarf around the crown of your head will add classic, vintage flair to even the most unkempt locks.

9. The Piecey Bun

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A style that is as functional as it is fashionable, Diane Kruger's low, piecey bun appears effortlessly beautiful. Part hair in the center of your head, and blow dry with a round brush and volumizing spray to achieve Kruger's nonchalant 'do.

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