Would You Play Truth Or Drink With Your Parents? These People Did And The Results Will Make You Blush — VIDEO

You want to get awkward with your folks? Easy! All you have do is make like these rousing pairs of people and their parents playing Truth or Drink, which is as stressfully full of potentially cringe-inducing over-sharing as it sounds. The rules are:

  1. One person asks the other a random question (in this case, all maximum level embarrassing to answer)
  2. The other person must either give a truthful answer, or drink a shot of alcohol
  3. Repeat until both parties are drunk and/or otherwise completely mortified

The video begins with the children asking their parent whether they performed oral sex on the other parent. The questions also include obvious drug and alcohol questions, and virginity losing questions, although I operated under the assumption that all parents knew when their kids had sex for the first time, but maybe that was just my nosy mother. The best part of the video, by a long shot, isn't salacious at all though: It's when one of the son's admits to his mother that the most embarrassing thing she does is leave Facebook comments in the format of a letter. Because yes, we've ALL been there with our parents.

It gets REALLY adorable towards the end as well, with one father-daughter pair who can't stop giggling, and a mother-daughter pair who wind up in (happy) tears (possibly a little tipsy?).


Watch the full embarrassing/endearing/hilarious thing below:

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Meanwhile, speaking of embarrassing things parents do, here are some more to ad to "being weird on Facebook":

1. Insisting they're a "cool mom"

2. Telling terrible dad jokes

3. Crying over you in public

4. Talking like "one of the kids"

5. Treating you like you're still a baby

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