American Apparel's New Ads Are Cute, Not Racy

American Apparel has become synonymous with overtly sexual advertisements, but that might be changing soon. Following Dov Charney's removal from the company, the brand is attempting to re-brand it's image, as perfectly by the new American Apparel ads starring a sloth named Buttercup. I repeat: American Apparel ads that star a sloth. This is not a drill.

In what seems like a strategy to clean-up the brand's public image, American Apparel is trying to go in a totally new direction, forgoing the skimpily dressed women in favor of the wholesome and adorable Buttercup. The three-fingered Bradypus sloth is no slouch in the posing department, offering up a number of alluringly languorous positions in her photo shoot.

According to the advertisement, Buttercup,"loves entertaining guests and posing for photos. Her favorite pastimes include sunbathing and eating hibiscus blooms." The ad is meant to highlight both the company's eco-friendly policies and the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica where Buttercup lives. Turns out, Buttercup isn't just American Apparel's new spokesperson, she's also the sanctuary's — in fact, she was the original reason for its founding. Though Buttercup's photo spread is far more tame than the company's typical offerings, and there's nary a piece of lycra or spandex to be seen, that doesn't mean the brand's signature raciness isn't coming down the pipeline. Her image is stamped with the ominous warning, "Buttercup has a surprise! Stay tuned."

While Buttercup is super adorable, she's definitely not the first animal to steal our hearts in a fashion campaign. Here are five other brands who cashed in on this marketing ploy in the cutest way possible.

Cartier's Baby Leopard

As if you didn't already want every piece of jewelry Cartier has ever made, now there are baby leopards involved.

Kenzo's Kitten

Part of the brand's Toilet Paper FW 2013 campaign, Kenzo's baby kitten-filled shoe is every crazy cat lady's dream.

Trussardi's Well-Dressed Pup

If only all our dogs were this effortlessly chic! We could all learn a thing or two from these pups and their flawless styling.

Bulgari's Baby Lions

I'll take one of everything Julianne Moore is wearing here — including the baby lions.

Karen Walker x Toast

From Instagram fame to fashion world domination, the Fat Jewish's pet King Charles spaniel, Toast, is winning fans the world over with his auburn locks and permanently protruding tongue. And with his campaign for Karen Walker's sunglasses, the canine has been launched into a whole other stratosphere.

Images: American Apparel/Instagram; Cartier/Instagram; Disturber Photography Magazine/Facebook; Mike Wackers/Facebook; Oddepia Odd/Facebook; Traditional Home/Facebook