Are Dianna Agron & Nicholas Hoult Dating? These Two Gorgeous Talents Would Make A Great Couple

What do you get when a Glee actress and a X-Men mutant are spotted together? A lot of rumors swirling that Dianna Agron and Nicholas Hoult are dating. According to People, the two gorgeous talents have been hanging out in London. However, rather than hitting the clubs, they've reportedly been spotted at "local watering holes" and keeping their rumored relationship low-key.

An employee from one of the neighborhood bars told People, "They came in with each other and ordered some drinks. They sat down and had a conversation just like everyone else. They seemed like they had a nice time, but we didn't see them kissing. But then, we were working, so we weren't really looking."

Even though The Sun is reporting Hoult and Agron were showing some PDA, the truth about these alleged public displays of affection remains unknown. That same employee continued, "It was definitely them. Both of them are very beautiful, so it's difficult to miss them. They weren't flirting or kissing or anything. It wasn't like they were a couple. Maybe they were just getting to know each other."

Whether they are or they aren't, Agron and Hoult would make a great couple. Here are a few reasons proving just that.

They've Been Friends For Some Time

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According to The Daily Mail, Hoult and Agron have "been friends for a long time." You know what they say: it's good to be friends with someone before you take things to the next level.

They're Both Low-Key


Hoult and Agron both live low-key lives. Unlike some celebrities, the two aren't constantly making headlines, except for that time Hoult dated Jennifer Lawrence. Seeing as they both like to stay out of the spotlight, their reported relationship just might work.

Dianna Loves Europe


While filming The Family in France with Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro, Agron traveled to Europe and loved every minute of it. As she told Glamour, "I've been there so many times before but never for that length of time. I was able to take so many weekend trips. I would just take a backpack because it was warm at the beginning, just cram as many things as I could in a backpack and hop over to London, go to the south of France, go to Amsterdam even." It's a good thing, especially since Hoult is from England.

They Both Have The Gift of Music

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Seeing as Hoult and Agron can both sing, well, they'd totally make beautiful music together, right? As we all know, Agron showcased her singing skills on Glee, while Hoult was caught singing on Skins. So, yeah, this just means the two are destined.

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