This Falafel Restaurant Pairs Pot With Sandwiches

by Megan Broussard

Oh holy cannabis! In honor of 4/20, the most hallowed of upcoming April holidays, D.C. restaurant chain Amsterdam Falafel is introducing a pot-pairing menu. Weed and falafel lovers alike can now swing by to choose from five different sandwich options, each one perfectly paired to match a popular strain of marijuana, Eater reports. And on the actual holiday, some of the restaurant's D.C. locations will even sell the specialty sandwiches at the fitting price of $4.20.

Can we just stop and give props to their marketing team? Hey, you can’t argue that they know their audience. This puts pot on the same level as elite wine, beer, and coffee tasting. Now, we can all ingest pot, but have a foodie air about us. Cannabis snobbery for all!

As Eater reports, there will be recommended food items that pair well with OG Kush, Afghani, Cabbage Patch, and Cactus varieties of marijuana, among others. As for the menu? Just a warning — it will make you want to light up now. Right. Now. (OK, maybe not. But, it will give you the early munchies.) Dig into the Lemon Haze sandwich, which according to the menu consists of "a swipe of hummus, yogurt sauce, garlic parsley, crunchy onions, Turkish salad and pickled cauliflower." Apparently the falafel's "tart flavors" go well with the citrusy top notes of the popular marijuana strain.

Since the initiative to legalize marijuana in D.C. in February, restaurants have jumped at the opportunity to lace (pun intended) the herb into their offerings. This one is fleeting, though, so head over to D.C. now if you’re not a local. And, if you are, man... not fair!

Image: Fotolia; Giphy