Is Jessie J Dating Anyone? Luke James Became More Than A Tour Partner For The Singer — PHOTOS

If you're tuning in to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, you can expect to hear a lot from Jessie J. After all, the "Bang Bang" singer will be hosting the the pre-show before the award ceremony, bringing viewers all the latest fashion trends and celebrity gossip with Kelly Osbourne before the night is underway. But something Jessie J fans might want to hear about is whether she has a hot date for the evening. They'll be happy to know that they can probably expect her steady man to be by her side!

Jessie J is dating Luke James, a singer-songwriter who was originally just supposed to be a touring partner with her last year. But as Jessie J confirmed last November on her Instagram, the two turned out to be much more than just music buddies. Later that month, the two made their red carpet debut together for the American Music Awards, looking happier than ever to be at each other's side. Though she later admitted to Glamour that she was still learning how to fall in love and fully immerse herself in her feelings (aren't we all, though?), it looked like both of them were plenty ready for the challenge. And it seems like their relationship has been moving forward ever since.

As can be seen from Jessie J's most recent Instagram post about James above, she is not shy about letting the world know how much she cares about him. And it really is a sweet gesture to take some time to shout out to your significant other on social media, especially if you're as active on your accounts as Jessie J. But anyone who has been following her should know that it is not much of a surprise at this point. After all, the singer was bold enough to share an all-natural (no makeup, accessories, extra products) look with her man while on vacation with him in Jamaica. Any woman in the spotlight probably has to deal with pressure to have a perfectly polished look at all times, so it says a lot about their relationship that she feels comfortable enough to shoot for the "woke up like this" look with her man — and share it with her 3 million followers. Good for them!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a glamorous red carpet photo op, either! Hopefully, Jessie J can take some time out either before or after she's done hosting the pre-show for the MTV Movie Awards to get a quick snap with her man on the red carpet.