Happy National Sibling Day! 11 Reasons Why Your Relationship With Your Sibling Is Something Worth Celebrating

Is there any greater gift than a sibling? I think not. On National Sibling Day, it's not hard to come up with reasons why siblings are the best, because they really, really are. I wouldn't trade my siblings in for anything. Even if it's been months since we've last seen each other, everything naturally clicks back into place when we're together again. That's the magic of family.

Whether you're the oldest, the youngest, or somewhere in between, having a sibling makes everything better. Genetically, you and your sibs are made from the same ingredients, which basically means you just get each other. You can look one another in the eyes and know exactly what each other is thinking. You can tell them your deepest, darkest secrets, and they won't judge you. You can make a lame joke about one of your parents, and they'll be laughing out loud.

A sibling is also a lot more than just someone to pick on and use as an emotional punching bag (though, these things are important too). A sibling is someone you can always count on, thick and thin. No matter how horrible your day is, or how many friends aren't talking to you, you know there is one person who will always answer your calls. When all else fails, you've always got your sibs.

1. They teach you all the important stuff

Reading, writing, math... it's all important — but siblings teach you the lessons of life, and well, that's indispensable.

2. You always have someone watching your back

Even the greatest friend has been known to do some gossiping at your expense. A sibling? Never. You're blood after all.

3. They can basically read your mind

You swear that woman working behind the register looks (and sounds) exactly like Fran Drescher. Before you can even mention it to your sib, she's already quoting The Nanny to you.

4. They show you the ropes

If you need tips on how to interview, help getting your oil changed, or are simply trying something new for the first time, the sibs can walk you through it. Or if you're the oldest, you get to pass on that knowledge.

5. You can take out your frustration on them

So this coworker really pissed you off today? So you didn't get into that graduate school you were banking on? So you owe major in taxes this year? Siblings will listen to you rant and rave, and they'll even forgive you when you start taking it out on them.

6. They expand your closet in tenfold

Sure, sometimes the hand-me-downs sucked, but once everyone grew up, so did your closet. There is no greater gift than a sibling who is the same size as you.

7. They are your partner in crime

Planning a surprise party? Need a massage buddy? How about free help moving? If you ever need anything, ask a sib.

8. You can talk to them about anything

You think you might have toe fungus. It's gross. It's embarrassing. It's the first thing you tell your sib after they answer the phone.

9. They commiserate with you

OK, so maybe you were a total b**** to your cousin at the family reunion last weekend, but she was asking for it! Right? Right.

10. They are the only ones who can make you smile when you're at your worst

Tears may be running down your cheeks, mascara blurred around your eyes, and snot dripping from your nose... but that can't hold back the chuckle your sibling can get out of you when they say exactly what you need to hear.

11. They are the closest thing you have to an exact replica of you

Literally, they are as genetically close to you as anyone could ever be. Think about that for a moment. It's kind of crazy.

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